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2016, Volume: 4, Issue Number: 4 A Study on Wearable Sensor Networks for Healthcare Abstract
R. Sanjuna, R.Suji Pramila
2016, Volume: 8, Issue Number: 8 An Accurate and Revised Version of Optical Character Recognition Based Speech Synthesis Using Labview Abstract
Anasuya V Patil, Prateek Mehta
2016, Volume: 5, Issue Number: 5 An Analysis of Datamining Approaches for Prediction of Heart Diseases in Newborns Abstract
Liji Sara Varghese, R. Chitra
2016, Volume: 4, Issue Number: 4 An Analysis on Misbehavior Detection in IEEE 802.11 based WLAN Abstract
S. Divya, S. Vinila Jinny
2016, Volume: 12, Issue Number: 12 An Automated Retinal Vessel Segmentation by Filtering and Reconstruction Abstract
A. Elakiya, K.B. Jayanthi
2018, Volume: 15, Issue Number: 2 An Economic Analysis of Construction Workers in Tirunelveli District Abstract
S. Raman, V. Deneshkumar
2016, Volume 2, Issue Number: 2 An Effective Application of Illumination Invariant Transform on Face Recognition Abstract
P. Kannan, X.M. Binisha, J. Jebila
2016, Volume: 3, Issue Number: 3 An Efficient and Secure Data Retrieval Using ECC In Decentralized Disruption Tolerant Networks Abstract
S.V. Divya, D. Doney, P. Venkadesh
2016, Volume: 8, Issue Number: 8 An Efficient Approach for Age Invariant Face Recognition Using Nonlinear Topological Component Analysis: A Study Abstract
Sneha G. Sawansukha, Mrudula S. Nimbarte
2019, Volume: 16, Issue Number: 1 An Efficient Flame Retardant Material Based Microstrip Patch Antenna for Tooth Decay Investigation Abstract
P. Saraswathy, K. Madhan Kumar
2016, Volume: 7, Issue Number: 7 An Empirical Analysis on Coincident point of 1D and 2D data for Behavioural Pattern Detection Abstract
Raj Kumar Patra, Tilendra Shishir Sinha, Ravi Prakash Dubey
2018, Volume: 15, Issue Number: 1 An Exploratory Study to Compare National Informatization Strategies in Agriculture Fields of the U.S. and Korea Abstract
Jongtae Lee, Dongwook Kim, Kang Oh Lee, Dae Ho Kim
2018, Volume: 15, Issue Number: 4 An improved Smoothing Method Based on Diffusion Equation and K-means Clustering Abstract
Ouhda Mohamed, Ouanan Mohammed, Aksasse Brahim
2018, Volume: 15, Issue Number: 4 Analysis of Blur Removal Using Blind Deconvolution and Non Blind Deconvolution Abstract
J. Jelin, G. Bharatha Sreeja
2016, Volume: 10, Issue Number: 10 Analysis of New Internal Cooling Cogeneration Cycle Using Aqua-Ammonia Abstract
R. Shankar, T. Srinivas
2019, Volume: 16, Issue Number: 4 Analysis of Solution of Volterra Integro and Integral Equations using Differential Transform Method Abstract
Anil Kumar, Giriraj Methi
2020, Volume: 17, Issue Number: 1 Analytical Investigation of Jeffery-Hamel Flow by Differential Transform Method Abstract
N.D. Patel, Ramakanta Meher
2016, Volume: 6, Issue Number: 6 Anonymization over Bigdata Using MapReduce Algorithm with Secured Storage Service in DataCloud Abstract
A. Varnachithra, Navya Moncy, R.G Sahishna Krishna , Neethy C. Nair, K.S Navin
2016, Volume 1, Issue Number: 1 Application of K-Nearest-Neighbors Classification for Number Recognition Abstract
Akshay Nagpal
2016, Volume 1, Issue Number: 1 Application of Neuro Fuzzy Logic in DTC Scheme using XSG Abstract
B. Souha, S. Gdaim, A. Mtibaa
2019, Volume: 16, Issue Number: 1 Appraisal of Cloud Multi-Tenant Database Infrastructure Usability in Public-Safety and Emergency Delivery Services Abstract
O.T. Jinadu
2018, Volume: 15, Issue Number: 2 Artificial intelligence methodologies for sorting of medicinal plants Abstract
Abdulhamid Tahir Hamid, Tabrez Ahmad, Shafiu Muhammad Tahir, Sonika Gupta, Mucumbitsi Joseph
2019, Volume: 16, Issue Number: 2 Audio and Video Synchronization using Audio – Visual Signatures Abstract
A. Thenmozhi, P. Kannan
2016, Volume: 13, Issue Number: 13 Bayesian Estimation of M/Gumbel/1 Queueing Model for Heavy Tailed Congestion Abstract
K. Senthamarai Kannan, A. Jabarali, A. Jawahar Farook
2019, Volume: 16, Issue Number: 2 Bayesian g – Type Control Chart Abstract
Ketan A. Gajjar, Manharlal N Patel
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