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2017, Volume 17, Issue Number 3 The Relevant CNNs Features Based HMM for Arabic Handwriting Recognition Abstract
M. Amrouch, M. Rabi
2018, Volume 18, Issue Number 4 The use of bispectrum in testing Gaussianity and linearity for texture image projections Abstract
Salwa LAGDALI, Mohammed RZIZA
2015, Volume 15, Issue Number 3 The utilization time of effective programming in the programming education utilizing the robot Abstract
Byeong Geon Yu, WonGyu Lee, JaMee Kim
2018, Volume 18, Issue Number 4 Threshold-Based Fuzzy C-Means on Closed-Form Solution For Alpha Matting Abstract
R. Suko Basuki, C. Paramita, A. Yusriana
2009 Autumn, Volume 2, Number A09 Tracking high speed arthrokinematics using a new and high resolution Biplane Dynamic Roentgen Stereogrammetric method Abstract
G. Papaioannou, C. Mitrogiannis, G. Nianios, G. Fiedler
2018, Volume 18, Issue Number 4 Traffic sign recognition based on multi-feature fusion and ELM classifier Abstract
Saouli Aziz, El Aroussi Mohamed, Fakhri Youssef
2012, Volume 7, Issue Number 1 Translation, Rotation, and Scale Invariant Character Recognition using Modified Ring Projection Abstract
Kaiser Niknam, Gholam Reza Kaka
2015, Volume 15, Issue Number 4 Two New Methods for Image Compression Abstract
El Asnaoui Khalid, Chawki Youness
2015, Volume 15, Issue Number 2 Two Phase Adaptive Visible and Invisible Watermarking of Digital Images in Hadamard Domain Abstract
P.V.S.S.R. Chandra Mouli
2018, Volume 18, Issue Number 2 Two-level Gene selection to predict tumors Abstract
T. R. Vijaya Lakshmi
2017, Volume 17, Issue Number 1 Unmanned Ground Vehicles for Coastal Monitoring Abstract
A. Kurkin, E. Pelinovsky, D. Tyugin, O. Kurkina, V. Belyakov, V. Makarov, D. Zeziulin
2015, Volume 15, Issue Number 1 Unsupervised image segmentationby Global and local Criteria Optimization Based on Bayesian Networks Abstract
Mohamed Ali Mahjoub, Mohamed Mhiri
2018, Volume 18, Issue Number 3 Usage of Android Operating System for Mobile Robot Navigation with Optical Flow Algorithm and Significant Points 3D Position Estimation Abstract
Peter Pásztó, Marian KĬŭčik, Luboš Chovanec, František Duchoň, Peter Hubinský
2018, Volume 18, Issue Number 1 Use of Fractional Domain for Speech Enhancement Abstract
R. Ram, M. N. Mohanty
2009 Spring, Volume 2, Number S09 Use of the sup norm for image segmentation through Mean Shift filtering Abstract
Didier Domínguez, Roberto Rodríguez
2015, Volume 15, Issue Number 3 Using iris region eigenvalues for user-independent eye-gaze distance estimation in single-camera setup Abstract
Wirot Ponglangka, Nipon Theera-Umpon, Sansanee Auephanwiriyakul
2015, Volume 15, Issue Number 2 Validation of Region-based Crossover for Clustering Problems Abstract
Jeevan F. D’Souza, C. Kelly Adams, Andrew Reed
2015, Volume 15, Issue Number 2 Variable Quantization Table Creation Using Genetic Algorithm for JPEG Compression and Steganography Abstract
D. Sanki, S. Biswas, P. P. Sarkar
2015, Volume 15, Issue Number 2 Vehicle Detection and Tracking in Roadway Traffic Analysis using Kalman Filter and Features Abstract
Ahad Karimi Moridani, Seyyedeh Hoora Fakhrmoosavy, Mohamed Karimi Moridani
2016, Volume 16, Issue Number 2 Vision-based Tracking of a Moving Ground Object by Quadcopter UAV using Noise Filtering Abstract
Anastasia Razinkova, Hyun-Chan Cho
2018, Volume 18, Issue Number 3 Visual Detection for Robotic Person Following in Environments with Significant Light Variations Abstract
M. Tarokh, M. Pasamonik
2018, Volume 18, Issue Number 2 Visual Tracking via the Conventional Disc-Harmonic Moment Invariants and the Bayesian Inference Framework Abstract
Driss Moujahid, Omar Elharrouss, Hamid Tairi
2014, Volume 14, Issue Number 3 Volleyball Robot Simulation Model of the System Crash Abstract
Bing Zhang, Zhengkai Shi
2016, Volume 16, Issue Number 3 Watermarking for Improving the Reduction-Expansion Process of Medical Images (WREPro) Abstract
H. Amri, A. Khalfallah, J-C. Lapayre, M-S. Bouhlel
2008 Autumn, Volume 1, Number A08 Wavelet Transform Based Watermarking Using A Simple Spread Spectrum Technique Abstract
A. Jeyalakshmi, D. Ramyachitra
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