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2013, Volume 11, Issue Number 3 High Performance EMID Framework for Automatic Image Annotation and Retrieval Abstract
T. Sumadhi, M. Hemalatha
2012, Volume 8, Issue Number 2 High-performance recognition of corneas and crystalline lens from highly noisy images Abstract
Artur Mariano, Sandra Franco
2016, Volume 16, Issue Number 2 HMM Off-line Arabic Handwriting Recognition Using the Components of the Frame Binary Intensity, its Grayscale Transform and its Horizontal and Vertical Derivatives Abstract
H. El Moubtahij, A. Halli, K. Satori
2014, Volume 14, Issue Number 3 Hybrid Approach for Segmentation of Tissues in MR Brain Images using Adaptive Neuro Fuzzy Inference System Abstract
D. Selvathi, R. Dhivya
2013, Volume 9, Issue Number 1 Hybrid Dual-Tree Wavelet Transform and Adaptive Threshold for Image Denoising Abstract
Hala S. Own, Neveen I. Ghali, Aboul Ella Hassanien
2014, Volume 12, Issue Number 1 Hybrid Face Recognition System Based on Linear Discriminant Analysis and Voting Abstract
Jamal Ahmad Dargham, Ali Chekima, Ervin Gubin Moung, Munira Hamdan
2014, Volume 12, Issue Number 1 Hybrid Path Planning for Indoor Robot with Laplacian Behaviour-Based Control via Four Point-Explicit Group Abstract
Azali Saudi, Jumat Sulaiman
2019, Volume 19, Issue Number 1 Hyper-Spectral (HS) image classification based on hierarchical tree approach with neural networks Abstract
C. Rajinikanth, S. Abraham Lincon
2017, Volume 17, Issue Number 2 Identify Areas of Pain in Limb Using Thermal Image Processing and Pattern Recognition Abstract
H. Kashanian, T. Ghanavizi, H. Mehmani, A. Najafi
2010 Autumn, Volume 4, Number A10 Image Analysis of Wake Structure Past Finite Cylinders Abstract
Bong Jae Chung, Greg Gipson, Anil Shenoy, Ashwin Vaidya
2016, Volume 16, Issue Number 4 Image Compression Method Using Subband Eigenvectors Decomposition Abstract
E.G. Zhilyakov, I.S. Konstantinov, A.A. Chernomorets, E.V. Bolgova
2018, Volume 18, Issue Number 4 Image De-fencing Using Wavelet Based Inpainting Technique Abstract
M. Varalakshmamma, T. Venkateswarlu
2015, Volume 15, Issue Number 2 Image Edges Detecting of Mycosic Fungoides using New Modeal Abstract
Inaam R.Al-Saiq, Shaymaa Maki Kadhim, Thekra A Al-Kashwan
2018, Volume 18, Issue Number 4 Image Matching Based on Dual and Graph Transformation Matching Abstract
Z.l Hossein-Nejad, N. Parhizgar
2019, Volume 19, Issue Number 2 Image Processing Based Pre-Navigation Strategy for Service Robot in Reticulation Environment: Fulfillment using FPGA Abstract
Kishore Vennela, M.C. Chinnaaiah, Sanjay Dubey, Satya Savithri
2018, Volume 18, Issue Number 4 Image Processing for Leaf Recognition Using Neural Network Algorithm Abstract
Hashem Bagheronezhad, Faramarz Sadeghi
2010 Autumn, Volume 4, Number A10 Image Processing in Presence of Huge Amount of Data Contamination Abstract
Md. Nurul Haque Mollah
2013, Volume 10, Issue Number 2 Image Reconstruction in Ring Array Ultrasound Tomography by Means of Enhancing the Sinogram Abstract
Khusnul Ain, Deddy Kurniadi, Amoranto Trisnobudi, Oerip Santoso
2011 Autumn, Volume 6, Number A11 Image Segmentation based on an Iterative Computation of the Mean Shift Filtering for different values of window sizes Abstract
Roberto Rodríguez, Esley Torres, Juan H. Sossa
2012, Volume 7, Issue Number 1 Image Segmentation via an Iterative Algorithm of the Mean Shift Filtering for Different Values of the Stopping Threshold Abstract
Roberto Rodríguez, Esleys Torre, Juan H. Sossa
2017, Volume 17, Issue Number 3 Image Transaction Encryption Based on a Dynamic Upswing of Hill Cipher and JPEG Compression Abstract
2019, Volume 19, Issue Number 2 Impact of Shadow Detection and Removal on Object Recognition Using Machine Learning from Images Abstract
Deepika Shukla, Apurva Desai
2015, Volume 15, Issue Number 4 Implementation and Optimization of Face Detection Frameworkbased on OpenCV Library on Mobile Platforms using Davinci’s technology Abstract
Hamid OUANAN, Mohammed OUANAN, Brahim AKSASSE
2018, Volume 18, Issue Number 3 Implementation and Optimization of Full Search Motion Estimation Algorithm on CUDA Abstract
F. E. Sayadi, M. Chouchene, H. Bahri, R. Khemiri, M. Atri
2016, Volume 16, Issue Number 1 Important approach to vanishing points detection based on simple image geometry and new accumulation space Abstract
A. Annich, A.EL Abderrahmani, K. Satori
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