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2011 Autumn, Volume 6, Number A11 Robust Visual Information Hiding Framework Based on HVS Pixel Adaptive LSB Replacement (HPALR) Technique Abstract
Abhishek Basu, Tirtha Sankar Das, Subir Kumar Sarkar
2017, Volume 17, Issue Number 1 Robust visual tracking based on H∞ Particle filter by adaptively integrating multiple cues Abstract
Younes Dhassi, Abdellah Aarab, Mohammed Alfidi
2018, Volume 18, Issue Number 1 Robust Visual Tracking Control of Pan-tilt -Stereo Camera System Abstract
Chung Le Van
2013, Volume 10, Issue Number 2 Safety Analysis of Linear Systems with Complex Eigenvalues using SOS Abstract
Noorma Yulia Megawati, Salmah, Indah Emilia W., Endra Joelianto, Agus Budiyono
2016, Volume 16, Issue Number 3 Sampling CIELAB color space with perceptual metrics Abstract
Philippe Colantoni, Jean-Baptiste Thomas, Alain Trémeau
2019, Volume 19, Issue Number 1 Satellite Image Cloud Classification Using Fuzzy Logic Abstract
Isra Zaitoun, Nada Almasri, Luay Tahat, Mohammad Alshraideh
2008 Autumn, Volume 1, Number A08 Scaling Invariant Fusion of Image Pieces In Panorama Making And Novel Image Blending Technique Abstract
H. B. Kekre, Sudeep D. Thepade
2015, Volume 15, Issue Number 3 Segmentation of Dermoscopic Images by the Fusion of Type-2 Fuzziness Measure in Graph Cuts Image Binarization Abstract
Amer Dawoud
2019, Volume 19, Issue Number 2 Semantic Segmentation of Coffee Fruits with 2D Information Abstract
Lizeth Herrera, Flavio Prieto, Paula Ramos
2016, Volume 16, Issue Number 3 Similarity Search in a Large Scale Abstract
S. Benkrama, L. Zaoui
2016, Volume 16, Issue Number 4 Simple and efficient approach for shadow removal from a single-image Abstract
Siham Aqel, My Abdelouahed Sabri, Abdellah Aarab
2015, Volume 15, Issue Number 4 Smart Resource Integration for Robot Navigation on a Control Kerned Middleware Based System Abstract
Eduardo Munera, Manuel Muñoz Alcobendas, Jose-Luis Poza-Lujan, Juan L. Posadas Yagüe, Jose Simo-Ten, J. Francisco Blanes Noguera
2016, Volume 16, Issue Number 3 Sound Identification Model in Terms of the Active Perception Theory Abstract
Vasiliy E. Gai, Igor V. Polyakov
2015, Volume 15, Issue Number 3 Sparsification of Graph Laplacian for Image Indexing using Multidimensional Spectral Hashing Abstract
A. Loganathan, D. Bharathi
2014, Volume 12, Issue Number 1 Special Issue on Artificial Intelligence in Robotics and Imaging[ Guest Editors-in-Chief: Sara Rodríguez, Juan F. De Paz, Javier Bajo, Fernando de la Prieta and Juan M. Corchado] Details
2018, Volume 18, Issue Number 4 Speckle Noise Reduction And Quality Enhancement of Images Using Different Filters Abstract
2017, Volume 17, Issue Number 4 Speckle Noise Reduction for 3-D Ultrasound Images by Optimum Threshold Parameter Estimation of Wavelet Coefficients Using Fisher Discriminant Analysis Abstract
Rafid Mostafiz, Mohammad Motiur Rahman, Mithun Kumar PK, MD. Ashraful Islam
2017, Volume 17, Issue Number 2 Speckle Noise Reduction in SAR Images Using Neuro-Fuzzy Approach Abstract
S. Vijayakumar , V. Santhi
2019, Volume 19, Issue Number 3 Spectral versus Spatial Pansharpening Methods for Classification Accuracy Enhancement Abstract
2008 Autumn, Volume 1, Number A08 Spread Spectrum Image Watermarking with High Capacity Embedding Abstract
S. Shefali, S.M. Deshpande
2012, Volume 8, Issue Number 2 Surface and Corner Defect Detection on Tile Images Using Gabor Features, Level Set Segmentation and Dot Product Abstract
F.S. Najafabadi, H. Pourghassem
2009 Spring, Volume 2, Number S09 Template Matching for Target Tracking from the Bayesian Probability Fusion of Two Different Matching Algorithms Abstract
Zhen Jia, Arjuna Balasuriya, Subhash Challa
2016, Volume 16, Issue Number 2 Texture Classification and Segmentation using Roughness Feature Extraction through Edge Detection Abstract
G. Murugeswari, A. Suruliandi
2013, Volume 11, Issue Number 3 The Design of a Novel Tilt Seat for Inversion Therapy Abstract
Pierluigi Rea, Erika Ottaviano, Marco Conte, Angelino D'Aguanno, Daniele De Carolis
2018, Volume 18, Issue Number 1 The Exploration of Autonomous Mobile Robot Movement Characteristics in Difficult Off-road Conditions of a Coastal Zone Abstract
Dmitry Yu. Tyugin, Andrey A. Kurkin, Vitaliy D. Kuzin, Denis V. Zeziulin, Vladimir S. Makarov, Roman V. Shamin
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