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2011, Volume 23, Number F11 An Experiment on the Motivation and the Effects of Socially Responsible Market Behavior Abstract
Iván Barreda-Tarazona, Aurora García-Gallego, Nikolaos Georgantzis, Ainhoa Jaramillo-Gutierrez, Gerardo Sabater-Grande
2013, Volume: 31, Issue Number: 4 An Integrated Indicator System for the Assessment of Land Quality and Soil Degradation in a Mediterranean Rural Area Abstract
Rosanna Di Bartolomei, Luca Salvati, Luigi Perini
Fall 2008, Volume 12, Number F08 An Interdisciplinary Study of the Effects of Groundwater Extraction on Freshwater Fishes Abstract
Richard A. Jacobson, Glenn S. Warner, Piotr Parasiewicz, Amvrossios C. Bagtzoglou, Fred L. Ogden
2013, Volume: 31, Issue Number: 4 Analysis of A Fractional-Order Competition Model with Common Inhibitory Effect Abstract
Swarnali Sharma, G. P. Samanta
2013, Volume: 29, Issue Number: 2 Analysis of a Mathematical model of HCV transmission among injecting drug users Abstract
Y. Tabit, N. Yousfi, K. Hattaf
2015, Volume: 36, Issue Number: 4 Analysis of A Predator-Prey Population Model Abstract
Swarnali Sharma, G.P. Samanta
2013, Volume: 28, Issue Number: 1 Analysis of An Epidemic Model with Non-Linear Incidence and Vaccination Abstract
Swarnali Sharma, G. P. Samanta
Summer 2009, Volume 14, Number S09 Analysis of Trends in Emission of Criteria Air Pollutants and Human Health in an Era of Regulation Abstract
Yohannes K.G. Mariam
2012, Volume: 24, Issue Number: 1 Analytical and Cartographic Predictive Modeling of Carbon Balance in Temperate Forest Ecosystems under Global Warming Abstract
E. G. Kolomyts, G. S. ROZENBERG, L. S. Sharaya
2017, Volume: 38, Issue Number: 4 Analyze the Modern Condition and Tendencies of Development of Sea Ports of Russian Federation Abstract
А. А. Ostovskaya
2014, Volume: 32, Issue Number: 1 Anti-windup design for singular systems with saturating actuators Abstract
El Houssaine. Di Tissir
Winter 2009, Volume 13, Number W09 Applicability of Instantaneous Unit Sediment Graph Model in an Iranian Large Watershed Abstract
S. H. R. Sadeghi, T. Mizuyama, J.K. Singh, B. Tofighi
Winter 2009, Volume 13, Number W09 Application of Daily Water Resources Assessment Model for Monitoring Water Resources Indices Abstract
Kazem Nosrati, Saeid Eslamian, Afsaneh Shahbazi, Arash Malekian, Mohsen Mohseni Saravi
2014, Volume: 32, Issue Number: 1 Application of Homotopy Analysis Method to a Three Species Ecological Model Abstract
A.V. Paparao, K. Lakshmi Narayan, Bathul Shahnaz
2019, Volume: 40, Issue Number: 2 Application of Homotopy Perturbation Method to an Eco-epidemic Model Abstract
Pranab Kumar Bera, Sahabuddin Sarwardi, Md. Abdul Khan
Summer 2009, Volume 14, Number S09 Application of Multivariate Statistical Analysis in Elucidation of Hydrogeochemical Data: A case study Abstract
K. Srinivasamoorthy, S. Chidambaram, M. Vasanthavihar
2016, Volume: 37, Issue Number: 3 Application of Seasonal Autoregressive Integrated Moving Average (SARIMA) to Model and Forecast Water Demand in Kisumu City, Kenya Abstract
Nyabwanga Robert Nyamao, Otumba Edgar ouko
2011, Volume 20, Number W11 Are Shocks to Tourism Revenues Permanent or Transitory? The Turkey Case Abstract
Burak Guris
2015, Volume: 36, Issue Number: 2 ASP Flooding Numerical Simulation Model for Remaining Oil Abstract
Yin Daiyin, Li Wenliang
Spring 2009, Volume 14, Number P09 Assessing Perceived Consequentiality: Evidence from a Contingent Valuation Survey on Global Climate Change Abstract
Mani Nepal, Robert P. Berrens, Alok K. Bohara
2015, Volume: 36, Issue Number: 1 Assessing Polycentric Urban Growth through a Mathematic Morphology Approach Abstract
L. Salvati
Spring 2010, Volume 17, Number P10 Assessing Tropical Forests’ Contribution to Local Communities Livelihoods Using Forest Product Substitutes: A Case Study Abstract
Andrew K. Kiplagat,, John Mburu, Daniel N. Mugendi
2014, Volume: 35, Issue Number: 4 Assessment of Impervious Surface Area and Surface Urban Heat Island: A Case Study Abstract
Joel N. Kamdoum, Kayode A. Adepoju, Joseph O. Akinyede
Summer 2008, Volume 11, Number S08 Assessment of Streamflow Drought Severity Using Ephemeral Streamflow Data Abstract
R. P. Pandey, K. D. Sharma, S.K. Mishra, Ranvir Singh, Ravi V. Galkate
2018, Volume: 39, Issue Number: 1 Assessment of the Reproduction Process of Agricultural Enterprises Abstract
M. F. Tyapkina, E. A. Ilina
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