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Fall 2007, Volume 9, Number F07 A shape domain estimation for the heat equation Abstract
Kebir Chaji, Mohammed El Bagdouri
2015, Volume: 36, Issue Number: 1 A Statistical Approach to the Evaluation and Modelling Of Contamination in an Agro-Ecosystem Abstract
S. Taibi-Hassani, P. Lepelletier, A. Blot, J.C. Thoisy-Dur
2016, Volume: 37, Issue Number: 1 A Statistical Assessment of Whitened-PCA/SVD under variable Environmental Constraints Abstract
L. Asiedu, F. Oduro, A.O. Adebanji, F.O. Mettle
Winter 2008, Volume 10, Number W08 A Stochastic Model for the Population Dynamics of Budding Yeast Abstract
Mounir Aout
2017, Volume: 38, Issue Number: 3 A Structured Prey-Predator System with Alternative Diffusive Predator Resource Abstract
Rachana Pathak, Anuj Kumar, Manju Agarwal
2012, Volume: 25, Issue Number: 2 A study on perceptions of forestry development in Argentina Abstract
Eloisa Mussat, Pablo Laclau
2015, Volume: 36, Issue Number: 1 A Two Species Amensalism Model with Time Delay Abstract
Sita Rambabu B., Lakshmi Narayan K., Shahnaz Bathul
2011, Volume 23, Number F11 A Unified View of Production, Recycling and Natural Resource Conservation: The Production and Recycling Function Abstract
Francisco J. ANDRÉ, Emilio CERDÁ
2019, Volume: 40, Issue Number: 4 About Healthcare Delays: Clarifications by a New Incidence Rate Restricted Bivariate Geometric Distribution Abstract
Ramalingam Shanmugam
2018, Volume: 39, Issue Number: 3 Accurate Confidence Intervals for Weibull Percentiles Using Bootstrap Calibration: A Case Study of Weekly Rainfall in Sri Lanka Abstract
H. P. T. N. Silva, T. S. G. Peiris
Spring 2009, Volume 14, Number P09 Achieving Economic and Ecological Resilience through Natural Resource Management Abstract
Ram Ranjan
2017, Volume: 38, Issue Number: 2 Adoption of Green Technology: A Diffusion and Learning Process of Consumers Abstract
C. Chatterjee, P. Mozumder
2018, Volume: 39, Issue Number: 1 Agricultural Subsidies’ and Environmental Effects of agricultural productivity (the case of Kosovo) Abstract
F. Shaqiri, N. M. Trendov
2011, Volume 21, Number P11 Agro-environmental Indicators and Land Quality in the Mediterranean Basin: a Preliminary Analysis Abstract
L. Salvati, Sofia Bajocco, A. Sabbi, M. Zitti
2019, Volume: 40, Issue Number: 3 Amensalism Model: A Mathematical Study Abstract
Papa Rao. A.V., Lakshmi Narayan K., Kondala Rao K
2012, Volume: 27, Issue Number: 4 An Aggregated Model for Optimal Harvesting of Fish Abstract
Edgar Otumba, Henry Mwambi, Fredrick Onyango
2013, Volume: 30, Issue Number: 3 An Alternative for the Proportional Hazards Model: Using Accelerated Failure Time Model for the Destructive Earthquake Analysis in Turkey Abstract
N. Ata, G. Özel
2013, Volume: 31, Issue Number: 4 An Econometric Analysis of Climate Change Impacts on Tourism Flows: An empirical Evidence from the Region of Tuscany, Italy Abstract
Paulo A.L.D. Nunes, Mattia Cai, Roberto Ferrise, Marco Moriondo, Bindi Marco
2014, Volume: 34, Issue Number: 3 An Econometric Study of Co2 Emissions, Economic Growth, and Openness of India Abstract
Narendra Nath Dalei
2017, Volume: 38, Issue Number: 4 An Economic Analysis of Pesticide Use in India: A Case Study of Bathinda District Abstract
Harvinder Kaur, Sandeep Kaur
2015, Volume: 36, Issue Number: 4 An Economic Analysis of Production Efficiency and Marketing Efficiency of Poultry Enterprise: A Case Study Abstract
J.S. Amarnath, C. Saranya
2015, Volume: 36, Issue Number: 2 An Economic Analysis of Variables Affecting the Groundwater Depletion Abstract
Pavneet, Sandeep Kaur
2012, Volume: 26, Issue Number: 3 An Economic Model for Bioprospecting Contracts Abstract
L. Onofri, H. Ding
Winter 2008, Volume 10, Number W08 An Empirical Study of Sanitation and Health in Rural Uttarakhand, India Abstract
Anand Murugesan, Vikram Dayal, Saurabh Chugh
2011, Volume 23, Number F11 An Evolutionary Game Theoretic Approach To Joint Forest Management Abstract
Chander Shahi, Shashi Kant
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