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2015, Volume: 36, Issue Number: 4 Understanding Human Wildlife conflicts in rapidly expanding urban complexes: Epidemiological profile of snakebite victims indicates builders are at risk Abstract
F. Gbogbo, H. Nunoo
2014, Volume: 33, Issue Number: 2 Understanding the Household Perceptions of and Adaptations to Heat Wave: A Case Study Abstract
Padmanabha Hota, Bhagirath Behera
2018, Volume: 39, Issue Number: 4 Urban encroachment, Land-use and demographic change: Empirical evidence from Italy Abstract
Ilaria Tombolini, Ilaria Zambon, Kostas Rontos, Luca Salvati
2019, Volume: 40, Issue Number: 3 Urbanization, Industrial Development and Environmental Externalities: Discussing the Impact of Economic Cycles on a Local Community Abstract
A. Mavrakis, I. Zambon, L. Salvati, I. Tsiros, C. Papavasileiou
2015, Volume: 36, Issue Number: 3 US Household Support for Non-Fossil Fuel Based Energy R and D: Accounting for Uncertainty, News Media Coverage and Possible Nuclear “Poison Pill” Effects Abstract
Hui Li, Robert P. Berrens, Hank C. Jenkins-Smith, Carol L. Silva
2005, Volume 3, Number M05 Validity of Health Benefit Transfer between Malaysia and Bangladesh Abstract
Rafia Afroz, Mohd Nasir Hassan, Muhamad Awang, Noor Akma Ibrahimk
Fall 2010, Volume 19, Number F10 Valuation of Urban Environmental Amenities: A Case Study Abstract
Vijaya Gupta, G. Mythili
Winter 2010, Volume 16, Number W10 Valuing Biodiversity Enhancement in New Zealand Abstract
Richard T. Yao, Pamela Kaval
2020, Volume: 41, Issue Number: 2 Valuing of the Benefits of Endangered Miangaran Wetland Abstract
A. H. Montazer-Hojat, B. Mansoury
2018, Volume: 39, Issue Number: 4 Variable Reduction Schemes Based on Principal Component, Canonical Correlation, and Procrustes Analyses Abstract
Toni Bakhtiar, Fanny Novika, Siswadi
Fall 2007, Volume 9, Number F07 Variational assimilation: application to the control of the initial data in ICARE model Abstract
N Alaa, W. Bouarifi, G. Boullet, A. Chehbouni, R. Khiri, L. Hanich
2015, Volume: 36, Issue Number: 4 Waste Generation Trends and Their Socio-Economic Implications: A Case Study Abstract
K. Savitha
Winter 2008, Volume 10, Number W08 Water Pollution and Economic Growth: An Environmental Kuznets Curve Analysis at the Watershed and State Level Abstract
Anamika Barua, Klaus Hubacek
2014, Volume: 32, Issue Number: 1 Water Use and Wastewater Discharge of Industrial Sector in China Abstract
M. Yagi, S. Managi, S. Kaneko
2011, Volume 20, Number W11 Weather Risks, Ratemaking, and Modeling the Tail Distribution: An Application of Extreme Value Theory Abstract
J. Hao, A. Bathke, J. R. Skees, H. Dai
2012, Volume: 24, Issue Number: 1 What Drives Biodiversity? An Empirical Assessment of the Relation between Biodiversity and the Economy Abstract
Andreas Freytag, Christoph Vietze, Wolfgang Völkl
2006, Volume 4, Number 1 (W06) What Economics Courses Don’t Teach – But Should Abstract
Neva Goodwin
Summer 2007, Volume 8, Number S07 What Value is Gross Domestic Product as a Macroeconomic Indicator of National Income, Well-Being, And Environmental Stress? Abstract
Philip Lawn
2013, Volume: 30, Issue Number: 3 Willingness to Pay Analysis for Recreation and Conservation of Nature Abstract
Utpal Kumar De, Amrita Devi
2020, Volume: 41, Issue Number: 1 Willingness to pay for improved Rural Water Supply: A Case study Abstract
R. Manikandan, S. Boopathi
2014, Volume: 35, Issue Number: 4 Willingness to Pay for Preserving Wetland Biodiversity: A Case Study Abstract
M. S. Bhatt, Showkat Ahmad Shah, Aijaz Abdullah
2015, Volume: 36, Issue Number: 1 Willingness to Pay for Relocating Mobile Phone Base Stations Abstract
H. C. Lin, Y. M. Lin
2018, Volume: 39, Issue Number: 2 Wind power forecasting using neural network and ARIMA models (field of ”Kabertene”, in southern Algeria) Abstract
Laid GASMI, Zouaoui Chikr Elmezouar, Mohammed Kadi Attouch
Summer 2008, Volume 11, Number S08 Work and Life of living Legends in Ecological Economics: Professor Sir Partha Dasgupta Details
Rashid Hassan
Winter 2007, Volume 7, Number W07 Work and Life of Living Legends in Ecological Economics: Robert Costanza Details
Barry D. Solomon
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