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2014, Volume 52, Issue Number: 2 A note on the Estrada index of unicyclic graphs with even girth Abstract
Bo Deng
2013, Volume 51, Issue Number: 21 A note on the linear 2-arboricity of planar graphs without adjacent short cycles Abstract
Zongzheng Zhao, Mei Yao, Changqing XU
2003, Volume 1, Number D03 A Note on the MLS Method Abstract
Răzvan Răducanu
2014, Volume 52, Issue Number: 3 A novel construction of Quasi-Pade approximation and its application in solving generalized (2+1) dimensional Boussinesq equation Abstract
Zhenbo Li, Jiashi Tang, Ping Cai
2013, Volume 50, Issue Number: 20 A Novel effective wind speed soft measurement model for wind turbine Abstract
Ren Haijun
2013, Volume 51, Issue Number: 21 A novel fault location method for electrical distribution systems based on characteristic frequencies Abstract
Jinrui Tang, Xianggen Yin
2013, Volume 49, Issue Number: 19 A novel grey theory based short-term wind power prediction Abstract
Bin Zeng, Hongbing Xu, Jianxiao Zou, Kai Li, Xiaoshuai Xin
2013, Volume 51, Issue Number: 21 A Novel Iterative Combining-Equalization Algorithm Based on MMSE Criterion for Solving ISI and deep fading Problems Abstract
X. Y. Ye, M. Gao, S. Y. Zhang, G. C. Huang
2013, Volume 51, Issue Number: 21 A Novel Semantic Role Labeling model based on Statistical Semi-Supervised Learning Abstract
Zhehuang Huang
2017, Volume 56, Issue Number: 3 A Numerical Approach to the Rosenau-KdV equation using Galerkin Cubic Finite Element Method Abstract
Y. Ucar, B. Karaagac, S. Kutluay
2013, Volume 41, Issue Number: 11 A Numerical Model for Evaluating Permeability and Porosity Damage of Dry Sandstone Abstract
Xiuxing Zhu, Shifeng Xue, Xinghua Tong
2012, Volume 27, Issue Number: 3 A Numerical Model Studying the Unsteady - State Dispersion of Buoyant and Non - Buoyant Air Pollutants in the Atmosphere Under the Effects of Wet and Dry Deposition Abstract
Manju Agarwal, Abhinav Tandon
2013, Volume 33, Issue Number: 3 A Numerical Study of Two Moving Mesh Method for System of One-Dimensional Time-Dependent Partial Diffrential Equations Which are Based on The Equidistribution Principle Abstract
Sangaré Boureima, Somé Blaise, Somé Longin
2013, Volume 51, Issue Number: 22 A Packing Remnant Feature Extraction Scheme Based on Graph Theory Abstract
Jing Tao, Wei Yang
2013, Volume 51, Issue Number: 21 A Password Creation Strategy Based on Category Attribute and Sensitive Information Abstract
Zhiyuan Liu, Jing Chen, Letian Sha
2014, Volume 52, Issue Number: 1 A penalty decomposition method for the optimization problem with two 0-norm constraints Abstract
Hongtao Li, Wenxing Zhu
2013, Volume 45, Issue Number: 15 A Personalized Recommendation System for e-Supply Chain Based on Improved FAT-Growth Algorithm Abstract
Huang Li-juan
2012, Volume 29, Issue Number: 5 A Polynomial time Algorithm for 2-layer Channel Routing Problem Abstract
Xianya Geng
2013, Volume 45, Issue Number: 15 A Prediction Model of Pigment Formulation for Wood Dyeing based on Improved RBF Neural Network Abstract
Xuemei Guan, Minghui Guo
2015, Volume 53, Issue Number: 6 A primal-dual interior-point algorithm for convex quadratic semidefinite optimization based on a new kernel function Abstract
Jinjuan Pang, Mingwang Zhang, Yuejiao Chen, Zhengwei Huang
2013, Volume 51, Issue Number: 24 A Privacy Preserving Keyword Search Scheme in Cloud Computing Platform Abstract
Zhiguo Du, Bo Yang, Jie Liu
2014, Volume 52, Issue Number: 9 A Projection Algorithm for Solving the Split Variational Inequality Problem Abstract
Biao Qu, Na Zheng, Binghua Liu
2013, Volume 51, Issue Number: 24 A Provable Secure Identity-based Threshold Proxy Signcryption Scheme Abstract
Lei Guo, Defa Hu
2013, Volume 51, Issue Number: 21 A Quality Assessment Model for College Students Teaching Based on Unascertained Set Abstract
Yancang Li, Lei Zhao, Juanjuan Suo, Zhichao Yang, Baoying Yu
2019, Volume 58, Issue Number: 1 A Queuing Model with Heterogeneous Servers for Specific Service on Health Sector Abstract
Manish Kumar Pandey, D. K. Gangeshwer
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