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2017, Volume 56, Issue Number: 5 A New Lifetime Distribution Based On Finite Mixtures Abstract
Mahmoud Riad Mahmoud, Rasha Mandouh, Ehab Rasheedy
2012, Volume 25, Issue Number: 1 A New MATLAB Implementation and Analysis of A Moving Grid Method For Systems of One-Dimensional Time-Dependent Partial Differential Equations Based on The Equidistribution Principle Abstract
Sangare Boureima, Diallo Ouateni, Some Longin
2018, Volume 57, Issue Number: 3 A New Method For Geometric Representations of Distinct Hamiltonian Circuits in Complete Graph Decomposition Abstract
Maizon Mohd Darus, Haslinda Ibrahim, Sharmila Karim
2014, Volume 52, Issue Number: 1 A New Method for Train Timetable Stability Control Abstract
H W. Zhang
2017, Volume 56, Issue Number: 4 A New Method to Solve 4 Multi Objective Linear Programming with 3 Variables in Fuzzy Environment Abstract
M.A. Abd Elmegeed, A.A.M. Salama, N. F. Elsayed
2014, Volume 52, Issue Number: 6 A New New-Information Optimized MGRM (1, n) Model Based on the Reciprocal Accumulated Generating Operation Abstract
Lijun YANG, Zhiheng DENG, Xueliang JIANG
2012, Volume 30, Issue Number: 6 A New Octo-Sweep Iterative Method for Solving Two-Dimensional Elliptic Equations Abstract
M.K.M Akhir, M. Othman, M. Suleiman, J. Sulaiman
September 2010, Volume 18, Number S10 A New Partitioned Inversion Rule with an Application to Time Series Econometrics Abstract
Mario Faliva, Maria Grazia Zoia
2015, Volume 53, Issue Number: 2 A new preconditioned Gauss-Seidel method for linear systems Abstract
Bing-Yuan Pu, Chun Wen
2020, Volume 59, Issue Number: 2 A New Procedure for Detecting the Population Having More New Better than Used Property Based on U-statistic Abstract
Kala Nayak, Parameshwar V. Pandit, Shubhashree Joshi
2014, Volume 52, Issue Number: 6 A new result concerning weak-convex-power condensing operators Abstract
Wang Feng, Zhai Xueyan
2014, Volume 52, Issue Number: 5 A new semi-supervised support vector machine classifier based on wavelet transform and its application in the iris image recognition Abstract
Liming Yang, Qiya Su, Boyan Yang, Dan Tong, Xi Xiao
2015, Volume 53, Issue Number: 4 A New Servicing Strategy Involving Imperfect Repair for Two-Dimensional Warranties Abstract
H. Husniah, U. S. Pasaribu, B. P. Iskandar
2016, Volume 54, Issue Number: 2 A New Starter Sets Generation Method by Fixing Any Element Under Exchange Restriction Abstract
S. Karim, H. Ibrahim, Z. Omar, H. Sapiri
2013, Volume 31, Issue Number: 1 A New Super-memory Gradient Method with Curve Search Rule for Unconstrained Minimization Problems Abstract
Jingyong Tang, Li Dong, Jinchuan Zhou
2013, Volume 31, Issue Number: 1 A new tpye of Laplacian tensor and its Z-eigenvalues of an even uniform hypergraph Abstract
Jinshan Xie, An Chang
2013, Volume 51, Issue Number: 23 A New Transformation of Extended Chained Form Abstract
Shunjie Li
2013, Volume 39, Issue Number: 9 A New Type of Conditional value-at-risk Model with Its Application Abstract
Xudong Wang
2013, Volume 47, Issue Number: 17 A Node Importance Evaluation Method for Complex Networks Based on M-order Neighbour Importance Contribution Abstract
Zhang Xiping, Li Yongshu, Liu Gang, Wang Lei
2018, Volume 57, Issue Number: 4 A Note on a Three-Stage Sequential Confidence Interval for the Mean When the Underlying Distribution Departs Away from Normality Abstract
Ali Yousef
2016, Volume 54, Issue Number: 1 A Note on Achromatic Colouring and B-Chromatic Colouring of Graphs Abstract
K. P. Thilagavathy, A. Santha
2013, Volume 42, Issue Number: 12 A Note on Bounds for the Spectral Radius of Brualdi-Li Matrices Abstract
Xiaogen Chen
2018, Volume 57, Issue Number: 2 A note on h(x)-Fibonacci Octonion Polynomials Abstract
2014, Volume 52, Issue Number: 9 A note on section and slice for a hereditary algebra Abstract
Fang Li, Yichao Yang
2006, Volume 6, Number D06 A Note on the Diophantine Equation x! + A = y^2, II Abstract
Alain Togbé
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