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2015, Volume 53, Issue Number: 6 A unified framework for the design of efficient fourth order Newton-like methods. Abstract
Mostafa Ouarit, Ali Souissi, Mohammed Ziani
2016, Volume 55, Issue Number: 1 A Unique Stochastic Model of Markov and Poisson Process for Predicting Pitting Corrosion and Scale Growth in Oil/Gas Production Pipeline Abstract
R. K. Santoso, S. D. Rahmawati
March 2010, Volume 16, Number M10 A Uniqueness Theorem for an Elliptic Equation Abstract
Katherine Snider
2013, Volume 46, Issue Number: 16 A v–Twin Support Vector Machines based on Minimum Class Variance Abstract
Liming Yang, Xiaotong Qin
2013, Volume 51, Issue Number: 21 A Verification Model of Collaborative Innovation Optimization System Based on Ant colony Algorithm Abstract
Xiao Zhenhong, Wang Faying
2013, Volume 51, Issue Number: 23 A Video Image Analysis System for Tunnel Lighting Automatic Control Abstract
Huang ke, Weng ji
2013, Volume 51, Issue Number: 22 A Visual Word-based Leaf Classification Scheme Abstract
Jingjing Wang
2018, Volume 57, Issue Number: 2 A Weakly α-Generalized Closure and Continuity Abstract
G. Jayaparthasarathy, Haydar Akça
2013, Volume 49, Issue Number: 19 A Weibull-Exponential Distribution Hypothesis and Derivative Fitting Method: A Case Study on Accelerated Life Data Statistics Abstract
Wang Li, Wan Bo
2013, Volume 45, Issue Number: 15 A Workflow Scheduling Algorithm Based on Cloud Computing Environment Abstract
Xue-min Zhang
2015, Volume 53, Issue Number: 1 Absolute ruin probability of a multi-type-insurance risk model Abstract
Chen Xue
2013, Volume 46, Issue Number: 16 Access Control Based on ABE and IBS for the Cloud Outsourced Data Abstract
Shan-shan Tu, Shao-zhang Niu, Martin J. Reed
2014, Volume 52, Issue Number: 5 Accounting Methods of Greenhouse Gas Emission Generated by Direct Conversions of Organic Matters in Urban Sewage Treatment System Abstract
Hongxiang Chai, Boyu Zou, Shiqi Yang, Xuebin Hu, Wentao Yan, Qiang He
2013, Volume 51, Issue Number: 24 Active Disturbance Rejection Control for the Coordinated System of Supercritical Power Units Abstract
Yongguang Ma, Ruiqing Zhang, Liangyu Ma, Bingshu Wang
2013, Volume 51, Issue Number: 23 Active Sliding Mode for Synchronization between A Fractional-order Chaos and Integer-order Liu System Abstract
Rui-xin Wang, Bin Wang, Yuan-gui Zhou, Wei-yu Wang
2012, Volume 29, Issue Number: 5 Adapted Quadratic Approximation for Singular Integrals Equations Abstract
Mostefa NADIR
2013, Volume 44, Issue Number: 14 Adaptive Disturbance Attenuation of Nonholonomic Systems with Nonlinear Parameterization Abstract
Nengwei Zhang, Yanling Shang, Fangzheng Gao
2013, Volume 40, Issue Number: 10 Adaptive Fuzzy Backstepping Control For a Class of Uncertain Nonlinear Systems Abstract
Heng Liu, Hailiang Zhao
2006, Volume 5, Number S06 Adjacent L-Fuzzy Topologies Abstract
2020, Volume 59, Issue Number: 3 Adjoint Poisson-Charlier and Related polynomials Abstract
Pierpaolo Natalini, Gabriella Bretti, Paolo E. Ricci
March 2008, Volume 13, Number M08 Admissibility of the Pitman Estimator of Ordered Location Parameters Abstract
Somesh Kumar, Ajay Kumar, Tanuja Srivastava
2013, Volume 48, Issue Number: 18 Admissible estimators in linear model with respect to equality constraints under a balanced loss function Abstract
Jiewu Huang
2015, Volume 53, Issue Number: 2 Advances in Privacy Protection under Web Service Composition Framework Abstract
June 2009, Volume 14, Number J09 Advances on the transient growth quantification in linear control systems Abstract
Georgi Smirnov, Vladimir Bushenkov, Francisco Miranda
2013, Volume 48, Issue Number: 18 Aero-engine Health Management Strategies Based on Parameters Information Modelling Abstract
Zhirong Liu, Rui Zhu
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