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2011 Autumn (October), Volume 7, Number A11 GPU-Based Parallel Multi-objective Particle Swarm Optimization Abstract
You Zhou, Ying Tan
2012 Spring (March), Volume 8, Number S12 Griffon – GPU Programming APIs for Scientific and General Purpose Computing (Extended Version) Abstract
Pisit Makpaisit, Worawan Marurngsith
2015 Spring (March), Volume 13, Number 1 Heuristics for the Design of Reliable Networks with k-Tree Topology Abstract
Roman E. Shangin, Panos M. Pardalos, Anatoly V. Panyukov
2018 Spring (March), Volume 16, Number 1 Hidden Markov Model Approach for the Assessment of Tele-Rehabilitation Exercises Abstract
Jan Kleine Deters, Yves Rybarczyk
2015 Spring (March), Volume 13, Number 1 Human-Agent Societies: Challenges and Issues Abstract
Holger Billhardt, Vicente Julián, Juan Manuel Corchado, Alberto Fernández
2011 Autumn (October), Volume 7, Number A11 Hybrid Fuzzy Model Based Expert System for Misfire Detection in Automobile Engines Abstract
S. Babu Devasenapati, K. I. Ramachandran
2010 Autumn, Volume 5, Number A10 Hybrid Optimization Method of Evolutionary Parallel Gradient Search Abstract
Zhong-Yu Zhao, Wen-Fang Xie, Henry Hong
2012 Spring (March), Volume 8, Number S12 H_∞ Stability of Neural Networks Switched at An Arbitrary Time Abstract
Choon Ki Ahn
2017 Autumn (October), Volume 15, Number 2 Ideal Gas Optimization Algorithm Abstract
Masumeh Shams, Esmat Rashedi, Seyed Mokhtar Dashti, Ahmad Hakimi
2011 Autumn (October), Volume 7, Number A11 Immune Algorithm with Memory Coevolution Abstract
Tao Liu, Zhifeng Hu
2013 Spring (March), Volume 10, Number S13 Implementation of Folding Architecture Neural Networks into an FPGA for an Optimized Inverse Kinematics Solution of a Six-Legged Robot Abstract
Mohamad Iskandar Petra, Liyanage Chandratilak DeSilva
2019 Autumn (October), Volume 17, Number 2 Improved Forward Checking Tree Algorithm for Distributed Constraint Satisfaction Problems Abstract
Zakarya Erraji, Imade Benelallam, El Houssine Bouyakhf
2017 Autumn (October), Volume 15, Number 2 Improved Relative Discriminative Criterion Feature Ranking Technique for Text Classification Abstract
Wareesa Sharif, Noor Azah Samsudin, Mustafa Mat Deris, Muhammad Aamir
2015 Spring (March), Volume 13, Number 1 Improving Human-Agent Immersion using Natural Interfaces and CBR Abstract
Angel Sanchis, Vicente Julián, Juan M. Corchado, Holger Billhardt, Carlos Carrascosa
2018 Spring (March), Volume 16, Number 1 Improving the Lifetime of Clustering-Based Wireless Sensor Networks by Considering the Conditional Dependencies in Inter-Cluster Routing Abstract
Ali Bohlooli
2016 Autumn (October), Volume 14, Number 2 Improving the Performance of Hybrid Planning Abstract
Mohamed Elkawkagy
2008 Autumn, Volume 1, Number A08 Indian Logic Ontology based Automatic Query Refinement Abstract
S.N. Rajasekar, G.S. Mahalakshmi, T.V. Geetha, S. Sendhilkumar
2017 Spring (March), Volume 15, Number 1 Infinite RCC8 Networks Abstract
Khalil Challita
2015 Spring (March), Volume 13, Number 1 Integer Partition Problem: Theoretical Approach to Improving Accuracy of Classifier Ensembles Abstract
Michael Khachay, Maria Pobery, Daniel Khachay
2011 Autumn (October), Volume 7, Number A11 Integration of Spatial Information into Multi-Objective Genetic Algorithm for Spatial Optimal Location Based on GIS Abstract
Jinliang Hou, Haiqi Wang, Yujie Liu
2012 Autumn (October), Volume 9, Number A12 INTELLEnvQ-Air: An Intelligent System for Air Quality Analysis in Urban Regions Abstract
Mihaela Oprea
2016 Autumn (October), Volume 14, Number 2 Intelligent Calendar Applications: A Holistic Framework based on Ontologies Abstract
Konstantinos Agnantis, Anastasios Alexiadis, Ioannins Refanidis
2018 Spring (March), Volume 16, Number 1 Intelligent Test Bed Tuning for Improved Wireless Local Area Network Service Quality in Academic Environments Abstract
Moses E. Ekpenyong, Udoinyang G. Inyang, Daniel E. Asuquo, Uyinomen O. Ekong, Patience U. Usip, Uduak A. Umoh, Aniekpeno M. Jackson, Joseph Isobona, Akan Tom
2014 Spring (March), Volume 12, Number 1 Interactive Guiding and Localization Platform Abstract
João Ramos, Angelo Costa, Paulo Novais, José Neves
2016 Spring (March), Volume 14, Number 1 Is Subjective Self-Identity Programmable? Abstract
Jinchang Wang
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