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2011 Autumn (October), Volume 7, Number A11 A Dynamic Programming Formulation of Scheduling Non-Deterministic Activities with Stochastic Durations Abstract
Ioannis Refanidis
2018 Spring (March), Volume 16, Number 1 A Graph Clustering Based Decomposition Approach for Large Scale p-Median Problems Abstract
Adriano Masone, Antonio Sforza, Claudio Sterle, Igor Vasiliev
2017 Autumn (October), Volume 15, Number 2 A Hybrid Clustering Method Based on Improved Artificial Bee Colony and Fuzzy C-Means Algorithm Abstract
Ajit Kumar, Dharmender Kumar, S.K. Jarial
2015 Spring (March), Volume 13, Number 1 A Hybrid Local Search for the Split Delivery Vehicle Routing Problem Abstract
Alexey Khmelev, Yury Kochetov
2011 Autumn (October), Volume 7, Number A11 A Hybrid Multi-swarm Co-evolutional Particle Swarm Optimizer Abstract
Ying Li, Jiaxi Liang
2014 Spring (March), Volume 12, Number 1 A Learning Procedure for Sampling Semantically Different Valid Expressions Abstract
David L. St-Pierre, Francis Maes, Damien Ernst, Quentin Louveaux
2013 Autumn (October), Volume 11, Number A13 A Loosely Collaborative Dependency Framework for a Fast Adaptive Agent Model using Extended RSVD Abstract
Dussadee Praserttitipong, Peraphon Sophatsathit
2019 Autumn (October), Volume 17, Number 2 A Machine Learning Approach to Classify Pedestrians’ Events based on IMU and GPS Abstract
Mobyen Uddin Ahmed, Staffan Brickman, Alexander Dengg, Niklas Fasth, Marko Mihajlovic, Jacob Norman
2015 Autumn (October), Volume 13, Number 2 A migration strategy for distributed evolutionary algorithms based on stopping non-promising subpopulations: A case study on routing problems Abstract
Eneko Osaba, Enrique Onieva, Fernando Dia, Roberto Carballedo, Pedro Lopez, Asier Perallos
2011 Spring (March), Volume 6, Number S11 A Multi Agent Architecture for Single User and Group Recommendation in the Tourism Domain Abstract
L. Sebastia, A. Giret, I. Garcia
2012 Spring (March), Volume 8, Number S12 A Multilevel Memetic Algorithm for the Satisfiability Problem Abstract
N. Bouhmala
2013 Autumn (October), Volume 11, Number A13 A Multi-Size Compartment Vehicle Routing Problem for Multi-Product Distribution: Models and Solution Procedures Abstract
Krisada Asawarungsaengkul, Tarit Rattanamanee, Teeradej Wuttipornpun
2013 Autumn (October), Volume 11, Number A13 A New Algorithm Based on Improved Artificial Fish Swarm Algorithm for Data Clustering Abstract
Danial Yazdani, Barat Saman, Alireza Sepas-Moghaddam, Farhad Mohammad-Kazemi, Mohammad Reza Meybodi
2011 Spring (March), Volume 6, Number S11 A New Framework for Spectrum Sharing based on Multiagent Systems and Petri Nets Abstract
Usama Mir, Leila Merghem-Boulahi, Dominique Gaïti
2014 Autumn (October), Volume 12, Number 2 A New Fuzzy and Correlation Based Feature Selection Method for Multiclass Problems Abstract
Soheila Barchinezhad, Mahdi Eftekhari
2010 Autumn, Volume 5, Number A10 A novel Algorithm based on Deterministic Finite Automaton for solving the mono-objective Symmetric Traveling Salesman Problem Abstract
Elias D. Niño, Carlos J. Ardila, Daladier Jabba, Yezid Donoso
2014 Autumn (October), Volume 12, Number 2 A Novel Enumeration Strategy of Maximal Bicliques from 3-Dimensional Symmetric Adjacency Matrix Abstract
Michael Raj Dominic Savio, Annamalai Sankar, Nataraj Ramaiya Vijayarajan
2016 Spring (March), Volume 14, Number 1 A Parallel Genetic Algorithm for the Open-Shop Scheduling Problem Using Deterministic and Random Moves Abstract
Steve Bou Ghosn, Fouad Drouby, Haidar M. Harmanani
2016 Spring (March), Volume 14, Number 1 A Plagiarized Source Retrieval System Developed using Efficient Download Filtering and POS Tagged Query Formulation with Effective Paragraph based chunking Abstract
Riya Ravi N, Deepa Gupta
2013 Autumn (October), Volume 11, Number A13 A Predictive Search Method for FAQ-based Question Answering System Abstract
Masaki Samejima, Yuichi Saito, Masanori Akiyoshi, Hironori Oka
2018 Spring (March), Volume 16, Number 1 A Robust Application in Vessel Recognition Based on Neural Classification of Acoustic Fingerprint Abstract
Eduardo Zurek, Margarita Gamarra, Jose Escorcia, Carlos Gutierrez, Henry Bayona
2016 Spring (March), Volume 14, Number 1 A Scalable Agent Based Model for Building Security Simulation Abstract
Andreea Ion, Vlad Constantinescu, Monica Patrascu, Monica Dragoicea
2012 Spring (March), Volume 8, Number S12 A Statistical User Simulation Technique to Develop Interactive and User-Centered Conversational Agents Abstract
David Griol, Javier Carbό, José M. Molina
2018 Autumn (October), Volume 16, Number 2 A Tabu Search Method for Load Balancing in Fog Computing Abstract
Nadim Téllez, Miguel Jimeno, Augusto Salazar, Elias D. Nino-Ruiz
2011 Spring (March), Volume 6, Number S11 A Telemonitoring System for Healthcare Using Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Networks Abstract
Dante I. Tapia, Ricardo S. Alonso, Juan F. De Paz, Carolina Zato, Fernando De la Prieta
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