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2019 Volume 30, Issue Number 2 Comparative Study of Combination of Preprocessing, N-Gram Feature Extraction, Feature Selection, and Classification Method in Indonesian Sentiment Analysis with Imbalanced Data Abstract
Rezkya Putri Septiani , Margaretha Ari Anggorowati
2013 Volume 21, Issue Number 4 Estimation of Parameters of Exponentiated Pareto Model for Progressive Type-II Censored Data with Binomial Removals Using Markov Chain Monte Carlo Method Abstract
Sanjay Kumar Singh, Umesh Singh, Manoj Kumar
2018 Volume 29, Issue Number 2 Improved Estimators of the Finite Universe Variance and Mean Using Ancillary Variable in Sample Surveys Abstract
Surya K. Pal, Housila P. Singh
2018 Volume 29, Issue Number 3 Methods for Estimating and Predicting the General Markov Process on a Banach Space Abstract
Belaidi Mohamed, Abderrahmane Yousfate
2018 Volume 29, Issue Number 4 Modeling and Analysis of the Interaction of Neutral and Radical Populations: A Competing Species Model Abstract
A. Kazmierczak
2019 Volume 30, Issue Number 1 On Very Cost Effective graphs and Its Folding Abstract
Mohamed R. Zeen El Deen, Ahmed A. Essawy
2016 Volume 27, Issue Number 4 Robust Decentralized Stabilization for Uncertain Interconnected Systems Abstract
Amal Zouhri , Ismail Boumhidi
2015 Volume 26, Issue Number 2 2D and 3D Numerical Modeling of One-Port SAW Resonator using Finite Element Method Abstract
S. Maouhoub, Y. Aoura, M. Radouani, B. El Fahime, A. Mir
November 2008, Volume 1, Number N08 A Class of Analytic Functions Defined by Hurwitz-Lerch Zeta Function Abstract
S. M. Khairnar, Meena More
2012, Volume 14, Issue Number 1 A Class Of Block Hybrid Adams Moulton Implicit Runge-Kutta (Bhamirk) Methods for Stiff Ordinary Differential Equations Abstract
J. P. Chollom, G. M. Kumleng
2012, Volume 14, Issue Number 1 A class of Integration operators from mixed normed spaces to Bloch-type spaces in the unit ball of C^n Abstract
Ajay K. Sharma, Kuldip Raj, Sulinder Singh
2015 Volume 26, Issue Number 3 A Class of Ratio cum Dual to Ratio Estimator of Finite Population Mean in Presence of Non-Response Abstract
W. Warseen Chanu, Bhupendra Kumar Singh
2014 Volume 23, Issue Number 2 A Common Unique Random Fixed Point Theorems for Expansive Type Mappings in Hilbert Spaces Abstract
A. S. Saluja, Alkesh Kumar Dhakde
2018 Volume 29, Issue Number 1 A computational method for numerically solving linear integro-differential equations Abstract
Saeed Hatamzadeh-Varmazyar, Zahra Masouri
2011, Volume 13, Number D11 A Conservative Finite Difference Scheme for Simulation of Soliton in Inhomogeneous Medium with Nonlocal Nonlinearity Abstract
I. Darti, Suhariningsih, Marjono, A. Suryanto
September 2010, Volume 8, Number S10 A constructive proof for Farkas lemma with trapezoidal fuzzy numbers Abstract
S. H. Nasseri, M. Arab
2011, Volume 13, Number D11 A Dynamically Consistent Nonstandard Numerical Scheme for Epidemic Model with Saturated Incidence Rate Abstract
A. Suryanto
2015 Volume 26, Issue Number 4 A filled function method applied to smooth unconstrained global optimization Abstract
Taieb Hamaizia
2019 Volume 30, Issue Number 4 A fixed point theorem for two pairs of mappings without the notion of limit of sequence in G-metric spaces Abstract
Valeriu Popa, Dan Popa
March 2009, Volume 2, Number M09 A Fortran Program for Computing the U(1)B?L Observables in Extension of the SM Abstract
Sherif Ahmed, Waled Emam
2013 Volume 18, Issue Number 1 A fuzzy production inventory model with imprecise production and fuzzy production time under mλ-measure Abstract
Nita A. Shah, Hardik A. Soni, Kamlesh A. Patel
2011, Volume 10, Number M11 (Special Volume) A Hierarchical Architecture for Control Systems Abstract
Ozten Chelai
December 2009, Volume 5, Number D09 A Hybrid Method for Image Quantization Abstract
P. S. Periasamy, S. Athi Narayanan, K. Duraiswamy
2017 Volume 28, Issue Number 4 A Markov Chain Model for the Demographic Study: A Case Study on Urbanization Abstract
Prasanth Warrier C B, C B Praseeja
2014 Volume 22, Issue Number 1 A Mathematical Model of the Brain Tumor Gliobalstoma Multiforme (GBM) and the Immune System (IS) Interaction Abstract
Fatma Bozkurt
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