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Fall 2008, Volume 10, Number F08 An Implicitly Symplectic Lanczos Algorithm for Hamiltonian Matrices Abstract
S. Agoujil, A.H. Bentbib
Winter 2008, Volume 8, Number W08 An Intelligent Digital Signal Type Recognizer Abstract
Ataollah Ebrahimzadeh, Abolfazl Ranjbar
Summer 2010, Volume 14 (Special Volume), Number S10 An Understanding of Mechanical Behaviour and Damage Mechanism in Elastomers using X-Ray Computed Tomography at Several Scales Abstract
K. Bessri, F. Montembault, E. Bayraktar, C. Bathias
Summer 2008, Volume 9, Number S08 Analysis of Continuous-Time LMS Adaptive Filter Weights Using Stochastic Calculus and Fokker-Planck Kolmogorov Equation Abstract
Tarun Kumar Rawat, Harish Parthasarathy
2014, Volume 26, Issue Number 2 Analysis of Red Edge Position and Spectral Unmixing of Hyperspectral Data for Identification of Mangrove Species Abstract
Somdatta Chakravortty, Arpita Saha Chowdhury
2014, Volume 27, Issue Number 3 Analysis of Source Rupture Process of the September 2, 2009 Tasikmalaya Earthquake by Using the Joint Inversion Method of Near Field and Teleseismic Data Abstract
I. Suardi, Y. Yagi, S. Widiyantoro, Afnimar , I. Meilano
2012, Volume 21, Issue Number 3 Application of Modified Cell Scanning Technique in Exact Algorithm for Medical Diagnosis Abstract
Kabita Purkait, Kalyan Adhikary
2015, Volume 28, Issue Number 2 Application of the Fabrication Techniques and Provenancesof Bronze Age Pottery from Seosan Sinsongri Sitein Mid-Western Korea Abstract
R. H. Kim, C. H. Lee
2016, Volume 29, Issue Number 1 Applied Current Injection and Magnetic Field Induction Simultaneously on Electrical Impedance Tomography Abstract
D. Darmawan, D. Kurniadi, Suyatman, Janivita
2017, Volume 30, Issue Number 2 Arabic Handwriting text recognition offline System through using the HMM Toolkit (HTK) and stochastic finite-state automaton (SFSA) Abstract
H. El Moubtahij, A. Halli, K. Satori
2016, Volume 29, Issue Number 1 Autocorrelation-domain method for noise robust speech recognition Abstract
Hajer Rahali, Zied Hajaiej, Noureddine Ellouze
Winter 2010, Volume 13 (Special Volume), Number W10 Automatic Cropping for LV Segmentation in Cardiac MRI Abstract
Isabela Silva, Ana G. Almeida, Joao Sanches
2017, Volume 30, Issue Number 2 Automatic Fast-Forecasting of Fishing Grounds Using Sea Surface Temperature and Chlorophyll-a Data Abstract
Yus Sholva, Benhard Sitohang, Ketut Wikantika
2012, Volume 19, Issue Number 1 Automatic Optic Disc and Macula Extraction in Retinal Images Using Curvelet Transform-based Enhancement and Multi-Directional Functors Abstract
Saleh Shahbeig, Hossein Pourghassem, Homayoun Mahdavi-Nasab
2014, Volume 26, Issue Number 2 Automatic Tissues Segmentation of Skull Stripped MR Brain Images using Modified Spatial Possibilistic Fuzzy C Means Algorithm Abstract
D. Selvathi, R. Dhivya
2016, Volume 29, Issue Number 1 Binary Tomography Reconstruction From Few Projections With Level-set Regularization Methods For Bone Microstructure Study Abstract
L. Wang, B. Sixou, S. Rit, F. Peyrin
2016, Volume 29, Issue Number 2 Binary Tomography Reconstruction with Stochastic Diffusion Based on Level-set and Total Variation Regularization Abstract
B. Sixou, L. Wang, S. Rit, F. Peyrin
Winter 2009, Volume 11, Number W09 Book Review Details
Tanuja Srivastava
Summer 2009, Volume 11, Number S09 Book Review Details
Tanuja Srivastava
2016, Volume 29, Issue Number 1 Brain-EEG Signal Classification Based on Data Normalization for Controlling a Robotic Arm Abstract
Howida A. Shedeed, Mohamed F. Issa
2017, Volume 30, Issue Number 1 Breast cancer diagnosis based on curvelet transform and locality sensitive discriminant analysis with reduced feature set Abstract
S. Berraho, M. Ait Kerroum, Y. Fakhri
2017, Volume 30, Issue Number 2 Carbon Stocks Estimation in Southeast Sulawesi Indonesia Tropical Forest using PolInSAR Technique Abstract
La Ode Muh. Golok Jaya, Ketut Wikantika, Katmoko Ari Sambodo, Armi Susandi
Fall 2008, Volume 10, Number F08 Cholesky decomposition of skew-Hamiltonian matrices Abstract
H. Al Moatassime, M. Bassour, A.H. Bentbib
Summer 2008, Volume 9, Number S08 Classification of Soil Texture Based on Wavelet Domain Singular Values Abstract
S. Ramakrishnan, S. Selvan
2014, Volume 25, Issue Number 1 Color Texture Classification Using Local Texture Features Abstract
S. Arivazhagan, R. Benitta
2015, Volume 28, Issue Number 1 Combination of General Ray Method and Rotating Projection Algorithm for Fast Recognition of Discreet Micro Scale Compound Structures Abstract
Grebennikov Alexandre
2012, Volume 21, Issue Number 3 Combination of Morphological Snakes and Curvelet Transform for IVUS Contours Detection Abstract
M. A. Hamdi, M. A. Mrabti
2014, Volume 26, Issue Number 2 Comparative Study of Transform Domain Filters with Modified Particle Swarm Optimization for Speckle Noise Suppression of SAR Images Abstract
I. Shanthi, M. L. Valarmathi
2016, Volume 29, Issue Number 2 Comparison of AI-based Models Artificial Neural Network, Genetic Algorithm and Fuzzy Logic in Classifying Wetlands Regions in Indonesia Abstract
Chairuddin, D. Suwardhi, L. B. Prasetyo, K. Wikantika
2013, Volume 24, Issue Number 3 Comparison of Pixel and Object Based Approaches Using Landsat Data for Land Use and Land Cover Classification in Coastal Zone of Medan, Sumatera Abstract
Togi Tampubolon, Khiruddin bin Abdullah, Lim Hwee San
Fall 2008, Volume 10, Number F08 Computations for a Breast Ultrasonic Imaging Technique and Finite Element Approach for a Fractional Derivative Modeling the Breast Tissue Acoustic Attenuation Abstract
A. Bounaim, W. Chen
Fall 2009, Volume 12, Number F09 Computer-Aided Diagnosis Applied to Ultrasound Image of Calculi Using Gradient Vector Flow Model Abstract
Basavaraj Amarapur, P.K. Kulkarni
2013, Volume 22, Issue Number 1 Constructing Intrinsic Image Signatures by Random Downsampling and Differential Mean-Median Information Abstract
Kannan Karthik
2012, Volume 19, Issue Number 1 Content Based Image Retrieval using an Integrated Approach Abstract
Kalpesh M. Shah, Jitendra M. Shah
Summer 2010, Volume 14 (Special Volume), Number S10 Contour Detection and Recovery through Bio-Medical Watermarking for Telediagnosis Abstract
K. Pal, V.H. Mankar, T.S. Das, S. K. Sarkar
Fall 2011, Volume 18, Number F11 Correction of Ring Artifacts in X-ray Tomographic Images Abstract
Allan Lyckegaard, Greg Johnson, Paul Tafforeau
Winter 2011, Volume 16, Number W11 Curvelet Based Texture Parameters to Characterize Structural Changes in Jaw Bone with Age and Gender Abstract
T. Kalpalatha Reddy, N. Kumaravel
2013, Volume 23, Issue Number 2 Curvelet Filters Analysis for Noise Reduction in MRI Images by Using LabVIEW Abstract
M. A. Hamdi, M. A. Mrabti
Fall 2008, Volume 10, Number F08 Data mining with decision trees to extract features of sandalwood odorous molecules Abstract
Mohamed Kissi, Mohammed Ramdani
Summer 2011, Volume 17, Number S11 Data recovering problem using moments theory and applications to some inverse problems Abstract
Amel Ben Abda, Lamia Jaafar belaid, Abdeljalil Sakat
2014, Volume 27, Issue Number 3 Defocus Blur Parameter Estimation in Barcode Images using Fast Discrete Curvelet Transform Abstract
Shamik Tiwari, V. P. Shukla, S. R. Biradar, A. K. Singh
2015, Volume 28, Issue Number 1 Denoising Natural Images Using Fast Multiscale Directional Filter Banks Abstract
E. Jebamalar Leavline, S. Sutha
2012, Volume 20, Issue Number 2 Derivation of Image Reconstruction Technique for Transmitted Light Tomography Abstract
A.I. Natalisanto, G. B. Suparta, A. Harjoko
2016, Volume 29, Issue Number 2 Design and Development of Electrical Resistance Tomography for Crack Detection within Pipelines Abstract
Venkatratnam Chitturi, Obay Fares Alashkar
2014, Volume 26, Issue Number 2 Design of A Versatile Cubic Antenna for Wireless Sensor Networks Abstract
Benil Benjamin George, M. esasudha
Winter 2008, Volume 8, Number W08 Detecting Distribution of Industrial Areas using Spectral Mixture Analysis (SMA) of Landsat-ETM Satellite Image Abstract
K Wikantika, D. Nugroho, A. Riqqi, R. Abdulharris, F. Hadi, S. Darmawan
2016, Volume 29, Issue Number 1 Detection and Visualization of Brain Tumour using DICOM Images Abstract
Subarnarekha Ghosa1, Karishma, D. Aju
Winter 2011, Volume 16, Number W11 Detection of Microcalcifications Using Pixcals Refined Bandwidth Algorithm in Digitized Mammograms Abstract
A. K. Santra, W. Jai Singh, S. Deva Arul
Summer 2010, Volume 14 (Special Volume), Number S10 Detection of Small Bowel Tumors in Endoscopic Capsule Images by Modeling Non-Gaussianity of Texture Descriptors Abstract
D. Barbosa, J. Ramos, A. Tavares, C.S. Lima
2016, Volume 29, Issue Number 3 Determining of Temperature Working Mode for Solenoids of Magnetic System Prototype for Wireless Endoscopic Capsule Abstract
D.М. Mikhaylov, Т.R. Khabibullin, G.N. Lebedev, А.F. Shayako, А.О. Pasko, I.G. Bulychev, P.M. Tolstaya
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