Fall 2011, Volume 18, Number F11

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Table of Contents


Correction of Ring Artifacts in X-ray Tomographic Images PDF
Allan Lyckegaard, Greg Johnson, Paul Tafforeau 1-9
On Theoretical Limits in Parallel Magnetic Resonance Imaging PDF
Frank Bauer, Christian Clason 10-23
Possible Mapping of Imaginary Refractive Index of Transparent Materials PDF
Modified Simultaneous Algebraic Reconstruction Technique PDF
Tanuja Srivastava, Nirvikar 32-45
The radiation field of vertical magnetic dipole above grid screen PDF
Adel A.S.Abo Seliem 46-52
Point and Interval Estimates of IC_50 PDF
J. Knizek, P. Tomsik, L. Beranek, M. Seifrtova, S. Micuda, M. Rezacova 53-81
A Modified Exact Reconstruction Algorithm for Microwave Tomography for Detection of Disease in Human Body PDF
S. Mandal, K. Purkait 82-93

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