Autumn 2009, Volume 5, Number A09

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Table of Contents


EDITORIAL: Generalized Differentiation, Variational Analysis and Mathematical Control Theory - a 60th Birthday Tribute to Boris S. Mordukhovich PDF
Delfim F. M. Torres, Alexander J. Zaslavski 2-2
Upper Subdifferentials of Marginal Functions in Asplund Spaces PDF
Khalid Allali 3-10
Dynamic Feedback Equivalence of Time-Variant Control Systems on Homogeneous Time Scales PDF
Zbigniew Bartosiewicz, Ewa Pawluszewicz 11-20
Stabilization of certain control-affine measure-driven impulsive control systems PDF
Warren J. Code, Geraldo N. Silva 21-31
On Regularity Assumptions and Necessary Conditions for Mixed Constrained Optimal Control Problems PDF
Maria do Rosario de Pinho 32-41
On Possibly Nonregular Mixed Constrained Optimal Control Problems PDF
Maria do Rosario de Pinho, M.M.A. Ferreira, F.A.C.C. Fontes 42-51
Diamond-alpha Integral Inequalities on Time Scales PDF
Rui A.C. Ferreira, Moulay Rchid Sidi Ammi, Delfim F. M. Torres 52-59
Reachable sets to periodic linear systems PDF
Elena Goncharova, Alexander Ovseevich 60-70
Control Improvement Problem for Discrete-Continuous Dynamic System PDF
Elena Goncharova, Alexander Ovseevich, Maxim Staritsyn 71-82
An Overview of Nondegenerate Necessary Conditions of Optimality for Optimal Control Problems with Higher Index State Constraints PDF
Sofia O. Lopes, F. A. C. C. Fontes 83-91
Diamond-alpha Polynomial Series on Time Scales PDF
Dorota Mozyrska, Delfim F. M. Torres 92-101
Augmentability in Optimal Control PDF
Javier F. Rosenblueth 102-109
Filippov-Gronwall Inequality for Discontinuous Differential Inclusions PDF
Georgi Smirnov, Francisco Miranda 110-120
Existence of a Minimizing Sequence of Trajectory-Control Pairs with Bounded Controls for Linear Control Problems PDF
Alexander J. Zaslavski 121-146

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