Spring 2009, Volume 4, Number S09

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Table of Contents


EDITORIAL: Smart Materials and Adaptive Structures:Mathematical Modeling and Computation PDF
Lahcen Azrar, Delfim F. M. Torres 2-2
A posteriori error analysis for multiscale stabilization of convection-diffusion reaction problems: unsteady state PDF
Boujema Achchab, Mohamed El Fatini , Ali Souissi 3-11
On the Reduction of Hamiltonian Matrices to a Hamiltonian Jordan Canonical Form PDF
S. Agoujil, A.H. Bentbib 12-37
Assimilation of the soil resistance to evaporation in ICARE Model PDF
N. Alaa, W. Bouarifi, G. Chehbouni, R. Khiri, L. Hanich, J.R. Roche 38-56
A mu-differentiable Lagrange multiplier rule PDF
Ricardo Almeida, Delfim F. M. Torres 57-62
Some Properties of phi Class Operators PDF
Ahmed Bachir 63-68
State Observer for a Class of Semilinear Infinite Dimensional Systems PDF
N. Barje, M.E. Achhab, V. Wertz 69-72
Geometrically Nonlinear Transverse Vibrations of Discrete Multi-Degrees of Freedom Systems with a Localised Non-Linearity PDF
A. Eddanguir, Z. Beidouri, R. Benamar 73-87
Image Denoising using Angular Packet Representation PDF
M. El Aallaoui, A. El Bouhtouri , A. Ayadi 88-97
Optimum surface roughness prediction in face milling X20Cr13 by using a neural network and a genetic algorithm PDF
M. Haghshenas, M.R. Razfar 98-110
Automatic Classification of Malignant and Benign Microcalcifications on Mammograms: Texture Analysis using K-nearsetneighbours Classifier PDF
N. Hamdi, K. Auhmani, M. M. Hassani 111-120
Fluctuations in a Delayed IS-LM Business Cycle Model PDF
Abdelilah Kaddar, Boujema Talibi Alaoui 121-132
Integral equation formulation and analysis of utter instabilities of Timoshenko beams under non conservative loads PDF
N. Ouakkasse, L. Azrar 133-143

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