2016, Volume 17, Issue Number 2

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Table of Contents


Lifetime Modelling under Various Distributional Assumptions for Competing Risks PDF
Iman Mabrouk, Serge B. Provost 1-11
Exponential Methods of Imputation in Estimation of Current Population Mean in Two-Occasion Successive Sampling PDF
G. N. Singh, M. Khetan, S. Maurya 12-35
(ALMOST) Alfa-Cosymplectic f-Manifolds Endowed With A Quarter-Symmetric Metric Connection PDF
Selahattin Beyendi, Nesip Aktan, Ali Ihsan Sivridağ 36-46
Longitudinal Analysis of Population Mean on Successive Occasionsy PDF
Kumari Priyanka, Richa Mittal 47-63
Parameter estimation for Exponential distribution based on doubly type II censoring from imprecise data PDF
Abbas Pak, Mehdi Kadivar 64-74
Estimating Mean under Non-Response in Two-Phase Sampling for Negative Correlated Data PDF
Ajeet Kumar Singh, Priyanka Singh, V.K. Singh 75-84
On Strong Uniform Consistency of Conditional Hazard Function in the Functional Single-Index Model. PDF
Abbes Rabhi, Naouel Belkhir, Sara Soltani 85-109
Comparison of the Power of Robust F* and Non-Parametric Kruskal-Wallis Tests in the One-Way Analysis of the Variance Model PDF
B. Şenoğlu, Ö. L. Gebizlioğlu, Y. Mert Kantar 110-121

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