2011, Volume 10, Number M11 (Special Volume)

First Special Volume on The 6th International Conference: Dynamical Systems and Applications-2010, Antalya–Turkey, July 10-14, 2010

Table of Contents


Impulsive Cohen-Grossberg Neural Networks with S-Type Distributed Delays and Reaction-Diffusion Terms PDF
Haydar Akça, Valéry Covachev, Zlatinka Covacheva 1-12
An antiplane contact problem for electro-viscoelastic materials with long-term memory PDF
Mohamed DALAH 13-28
The Solution of Fuzzy Volterra-Fredholm Intergo-Diffrerential Equations Using Variational Iteration Method PDF
M. S. Hashemi, S. Abbasbandy 29-38
Chaos Synchronization of the New Three-Dimensional Chaotic System with Known and Unknown Parameters PDF
H. Kheiri, M. R. Moghaddam 39-47
Existence and Uniqueness of Solutions to Systems of Delay Dynamic Equations on Time Scales PDF
Basak Karpuz 48-58
Averaging Frames and Least-Energy Representation of a Signal PDF
Sh. Banaei, H. Vaezi, K. Farajeyan 59-64
Sensitivity of Best-Fit Parameters in Neutral Differential Equations with Cell Growth Dynamics PDF
Fathalla A. Rihan, Duaa H. Abdel-Rahman 65-78
On Statistical Convergence and Statistical Cauchy Sequences PDF
Hüseyin Kaplan, F. Talay Akyıldız 79-83
Chebyshev Polynomial Bases for Solving Linear Fredholm-Volterra Integro-Delay-Differential-Difference Equations PDF
Yalçın Öztürk, Mustafa Gülsu, Mehmet Sezer 84-98
L’Hopital-Type Rules for Monotonicity with Application to Quantum Calculus PDF
Natalia Martins, Delfim F. M. Torres 99-106
On the Numerical Solution of Multipoint NBVP for Hyperbolic Equation with Integral and Neumann Conditions PDF
Allaberen Ashyralyev, Necmettin Aggez 107-116
A Hierarchical Architecture for Control Systems PDF
Ozten Chelai 117-122
On the Second Order of Accuracy Difference Schemes Generated by r-Modified Crank-Nicholson Difference Schemes PDF
Allaberen Ashyralyev, Yildirim Özdemir 123-136
New Preconditioned Group Methods for the Solution of a Coupled System of Partial Differential Equations PDF
Norhashidah Hj. Mohd Ali, Abdulkafi Mohammed Saeed 137-149
Hyers-Ulam Stability of Weighted Composition Operators on Disc Algebra PDF
Hamid Vaezi 150-154
The influence of section changing on hydraulic shock PDF
Ichinur Omer, Dumitru Ion Arsenie 155-160
The Planet Motion under Effect of Drag Force [vec]F= -e [vec]v PDF
Kamal Mamehrashi 161-165

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