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Changing Dimensions of Libraries in the Electronic Environment: A Study with Reference to Academic College Libraries of Mumbai

Vidya V. Hanchinal, Veeresh B. Hanchinal


Information and Communication Technology has revolutionized the whole world in the 21st century. Speed, accuracy, timeliness are the hall marks of ICT. It is the opinion of the professionals that without modern ICT tools and gadgets, it is difficult to provide service and satisfy the growing needs of information user. The rapid growth of mobile computing and wireless network has taken the educational institutions to the forefront. Induction of such technologies is now considered as more essential and inevitable rather than a luxury. This paper presents the state of the art report of the application of IT in the selected College libraries of Mumbai metropolis. The study revealed that the college libraries of Mumbai are making visible progress in developing the integrated information system by accepting and adopting the emerging technologies. It is also observed that the NAAC mandate has greatly influenced the reorganization of college libraries in tune with the changing demands of the users using the appropriate IT tools.

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