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2017, Volume 32, Issue Number 1 Diversity and Abundance of Small Mammals Along a Disturbance Gradient on a University Campus in Ghana Abstract
Francis Gbogbo, Kwame Tabiri, Musah Yahaya
2009, Volume 14, Number 3 (F09) Diversity and Similarity of Algal Communities from Upland Rice Fish Environment: A Case Study Abstract
S.K. Saikia, D.N. Das
2011, Volume 18, Number 1 (W11) Drought Risk in Argentine Pampean Region Abstract
Scarpati O., Forte Lay J., A. Capriolo
2017, Volume 32, Issue Number 1 Dynamics of a Prey Predator and Competitor Model With Time Delay Abstract
A. V. Paparao, K. Lakshmi Narayan
2016, Volume 31, Issue Number 3 Dynamics of Modified Leslie-Gower Predator-Prey Model with Beddington-DeAngelis Functional Response and Additive Allee Effect Abstract
Danang Indrajaya, Agus Suryanto, Abdul Rouf Alghofari
2016, Volume 31, Issue Number 3 Earthworms Morphometric of Banana trees in Contaminated Area with Pb, Cr, Zn and Fe Abstract
W. Budijastuti, S. Haryanto, A. Soegianto
2015, Volume 30, Issue Number 3 Ecological and Economic Evaluation of Transport System Functioning According To the Territory Sustainable Development Abstract
O. Lyulyov, Yu. Chortok, T. Pimonenko, O. Borovik
2014, Volume 29, Issue Number 3 Ecological and Geochemical Features of Technogenic Massif Transformation at ‘'Severonickel' (Russia) Abstract
M. Pashkevich, T. Petrova
2016, Volume 31, Issue Number 2 Ecological and geochemical peculiarities of surface water transformation in the area of the enterprise JSC "Apatit” impact Abstract
A. E. Isakov, M. A. Chukaeva
2011, Volume 18, Number 1 (W11) Economic and Ecological Partnership Revitalizing Urban Slums: A Case Study of Cairo Abstract
Shabnam Lutafali, Faiza Khoja
2017, Volume 32, Issue Number 1 Economic Estimations of Pollution Related Cancer and Nerves Morbidity Abstract
Oleksandr Kubatko, Oleksandra Kubatko
2014, Volume 27, Issue Number 1 Economic Liberalization and Environmental Degradation Abstract
Kyriacos Aristotelous
2009, Volume 13, Number 2 (S09) Economics of Energy Conservation: Financial and Economic Feasibility of Adoption of Energy Saving Technology in Household Sector in Sri Lanka Abstract
N.P.D. Padmakanthi, H. M. Gunatilake
2012, Volume 22, Issue Number 2 Ecosystem Services as an Indicator for Strategic Environmental Assessment: Towards an adaptive sustainability appraisal evaluation framework Abstract
E. A. Fongwa
2007, Volume 8, Number 3 (F07) Editorial Abstract
I. V. Florinsky
2009, Volume 12, Number 1 (W09) Editorial Details
Arkal Vittal Hegde
2008, Volume 10, Number 2 (S08) Editorial: Coastal Environment : Coastal Processes Details
Arkal Vittal Hegde
2008, Volume 11, Number 3 (F08) Editorial: Coastal Environment : Coastal Structures Details
Arkal Vittal Hegde
2005, Volume 3, Number 1 (MA05) Effect of Copper on the Growth of Rice: A Statistical Model Abstract
S. Agarwal, Tanuja Srivastava
2006, Volume 4, Number 1 (W06) Effect of Inclusion of a Synthetic Vortex on the Prediction of a Tropical Cyclone over the Bay of Bengal Using a Mesoscale Model Abstract
G. Sandeep, A. Chandrasekar, S.K. Dash
2005, Volume 3, Number 3 (F05) Effect of Interspecies Larval Interaction on Its Pupation Site Preference in Different Species of Drosophila Abstract
N.B. Vandal, G.S. Siddalingamurthy, N. Shivanna
2011, Volume 20 (Special), Number 3 (F11) Effect of Irrigation Regimes under Different Doses of Organic Manure on Maize Crop in ISAE Farm at Rubirizi, Rwanda Abstract
Narayanan Kannan, T. Senthivel, A. J. Rayar, N. N. Placide
2016, Volume 31, Issue Number 3 Effect of Water Depth on Wave Reflection and Loss Characteristics of an Emerged Perforated Quarter Circle Breakwater Abstract
S. Binumol, Arkal Vittal Hegde, Subba Rao
2005, Volume 3, Number 3 (F05) Effect of Water Stress on Yield of Rice Crop Abstract
G. Venkatesan, M.Tamil Selvam, G. Swaminathan, K. Krishnamoorthi
2016, Volume 31, Issue Number 1 Effect of wind induced water levels on the historical wave characteristics along Mumbai coast Abstract
B. Mehak, R. Balaji
2013, Volume 24, Issue Number 1 Effects of Disaster-Related Mortality on Gross Domestic Product in Pakistan Abstract
B. Sadia, M.A. Bashir, M. Nawaz, K. Zaman
2012, Volume 22, Issue Number 2 Effects of Hydraulic Retention Time on the Removal Efficiency of Pathogens in Algal Ponds Abstract
I. Uwimana, I. Nhap, U. G. Wali, J. G. Monney
2005, Volume 3, Number 3 (F05) Effects of Salinity on Certain Cell Wall Bound Proteins and Enzymes in Peanuts Seedlings Abstract
Neerja Srivastava
2010, Volume 17, Number 3 (F10) Efficacy of an Insecticide on Some Biochemical Parameters of the Earthworm Eudrilus Eugeniae Abstract
S. Logaswamy, K. M. Remia
2008, Volume 9, Number 1(W08) Energy Saving Potential in Brick Units: Case Analysis Abstract
S. Ganesan, V. Dhulasi Birundha, D. Bose
2017, Volume 32, Issue Number 2 Environmental Economy Development with Financial Mechanisms as a Part of Import Substitution in Timber Processing Industry Abstract
V.V. Zozulya, O.V. Romanchenko, V.V. Sakhanov
2014, Volume 27, Issue Number 1 Environmental Risk Preference across Time Delays Abstract
S. She, Y. Liu, C. Xie
2015, Volume 30, Issue Number 2 Erection Methods and Constructions of Primary Tailing Dike Abstract
Kaerbek Rafkatovich Argimbaev, Henry Alexandrovich Kholodjakov
2007, Volume 6, Number 1 (W07) Estimating the Boundaries of Plant Stage Classes Using the Vandermeer-Moloney Algorithm Abstract
J. Boland, K. Rosenberg, F. Tiver, I. Watson
2004, Volume 2, Number D04 Estimation of Externalities Due to Sand Mining in Water Streams in Affected Riparian Areas of Karnataka Abstract
M.G. Chandrakanth, A.C. Hemalatha, N. Nagaraj
2010, Volume 15, Number 1 (W10) Estimation of Landslide Velocity and Warning of Sediment Disaster due to intense rainfall Abstract
Hasnawir , Tetsuya Kubota
2016, Volume 31, Issue Number 1 Estimation of the Level of Ecological Safety in the Small City Abstract
A. N. Rozenbaum, V. V. Klimchenko
2008, Volume 10, Number 2 (S08) Evaluating the Forecast Skill of Two Coastal Wave Simulation Systems Abstract
Dongcheng Li, Vijay Panchang
2015, Volume 30, Issue Number 3 Evaluation of land use in areas of Golestan City Using L.Q. and TOPSIS models Abstract
Yazdanbakhsh, J. Mohammadi
2005, Volume 3, Number 3 (F05) Evaluation of Restoration Potential of Forests Using Remote Sensing and GIS Abstract
Jessica P. Karia, G. Sandhya Kiran
2012, Volume 21, Issue Number 1 Evaluation of the Seasonal Variation of the Soil Temperature as Function of the Influence of the Tide and Precipitation in a Tropical Mangrove Abstract
M. A. L. Moura, C. A. S. Querino
2016, Volume 31, Issue Number 4 Evaluation of Urban Resilience to Earthquake A Case Study: Dehdasht City Abstract
A. Bastaminia, MR. Rezaie, Y. Tazesh, M. Dastoorpoor
2015, Volume 30, Issue Number 2 Evaluation on vehicles emission productions in Iskandar Malaysia region towards Low Carbon Society. Abstract
Wan Mohd Safwan, Zaly Muhammad Shah
2008, Volume 10, Number 2 (S08) Explicit FE Modeling of Indian Ocean Tsunami Using Unstructured Mesh Abstract
Manasa Ranjan Behera, K. Murali, S.A. Sannasiraj, V. Sundar
2013, Volume 24, Issue Number 1 Exploring the Associations between Recreational Use and Attachment to Neighbourhood Open Space Abstract
Bharati Mohapatra, Abdul Razak Mohamed
2007, Volume 8, Number 3 (F07) Filtering of Digital Terrain Models by Two Dimensional Singular Spectrum Analysis Abstract
N.E. Golyandina, K.D. Usevich, I.V. Florinsky
2017, Volume 32, Issue Number 1 Fire Regimes and Invasive Species: A Changing Landscape Abstract
P. Le C. F. Stewart, P. T. Moss, D. A. Stewart, R. Farrell
2013, Volume 26, Issue Number 3 Forest Dependency Among Forest User Communities In And Around Belete-Gera Forest, Southwest Ethiopia Abstract
Hailu Belay, Kaba Urgessa, Mulugeta Lemenih, Zerihun Kebebew
2009, Volume 13, Number 2 (S09) Forest Ecosystems of the Volga River Basin Under Global Climatic Changes (Experience of Landscape-Ecological Prediction) Abstract
E.G. Kolomyts
2006, Volume 5, Number 3 (F06) Foreword Abstract
Natali Hritonenko, Yuri Yatsenko
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