2014, Volume 52, Issue Number: 6

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Table of Contents


Bayesian Analysis for the Exponentiated Half Logistic Distribution Based on Record Values PDF
Jung-In Seo, Suk-Bok Kang 1-11
Uncertain Linear Regression Analysis Model PDF
Zhigang Wang, Yiping Fu, Fanji Tian 12-21
A memory gradient method with a closed-form stepsize formula PDF
Haichan Lin, Yigui Ou 22-34
2-rainbow domination of circulant graphs C(n;{1,2}) PDF
Wu Xiaofeng, Fu Xueliang, Dong Gaifang, Hu Hua 35-41
Descriptor Systems Kalman Fusion Predictor based on Covariance Intersection PDF
Song Guo-dong, Jiang Shou-da, Lin Lian-lei 42-51
Dynamic Control Strategy Analysis on Preventive Maintenance PDF
Hongsheng Su, Yongqiang Kang 52-70
Two-Stage Stochastic Convex Programming with Linear Partial Information PDF
Xinshun Ma, Tongju Shi 71-79
On the Nagell-Ljunggren equation and Edgar’s conjecture PDF
Li Jianghua, Li Xiaoxue 80-83
Analysis of French stock market’s CAPM based on asymmetric exponential power distribution PDF
Liuling Li, Mengyang Lin 84-95
Application of support vector machine optimized by improved ant colony optimization algorithm in power coal blending prediction PDF
Wei SUN, Xin Gao 96-106
The Distributed Algorithm for Constructing Extremal Graphs without Hexagon PDF
Rui Zhang, Yongqi Sun, Nan Zhao 107-115
Applying Data Mining Techniques for the Stock Price Prediction PDF
Wang Ying, Zhou Yan, Qi Fei, Zhang Haifeng 116-129
Approximate Method of a Nonlinear Schrödinger Equations with Periodic Coefficients PDF
X.L. Yin, L.J. Wang, L.H. Kong 130-136
Numerical algorithm for approximate solution of the third -order differential equation with boundary value problems PDF
Ping Li, Jing Niu 137-144
A Structural Credit Risk Model with Stochastic Volatility and Jumps PDF
Guohe Deng, Boling Chen 145-157
A New New-Information Optimized MGRM (1, n) Model Based on the Reciprocal Accumulated Generating Operation PDF
Lijun YANG, Zhiheng DENG, Xueliang JIANG 158-168
Multivariable MGRM (1, N) Model with Non Equidistance Based on Reciprocal Accumulated Generating Operation PDF
Lijun YANG, Zhiheng DENG, Xueliang JIANG 169-177
A modified trust region method with arc search PDF
Xin Pan 178-186
Left-turn Track Function of Bicycle Flow in Intersection PDF
Shuichao Zhang, Kangkang He, Renfa Yang 187-197
Evaluating Volatility Forecasts of CSI-300 Using High-Frequency Realized Volatility PDF
Congcong Wang 198-206
Parameter estimation for successive survey with sample rotation in two-stage sampling and its application PDF
Shengxue Liu, Yubo Fan, Ge Gao 207-214
Prediction and Network Planning of Discarded Household Appliances Recycling in Urban Region PDF
Fan Houming, Zhang Xiaonan, Gao Pingquan, Li Yang 215-224
A Symmetry Property of Odd Order Magic Square Matrix and its Proof PDF
Wang Pan-yi 225-233
Two exact solutions for nonlinear Schrödinger equation with variable coefficients Based on F-expansion method PDF
Wang Jun, Wei Jianping, Jiang Xingfang, Huang Shuang 234-242
Research of High Performance Information Hiding Scheme Based on Gaussian Pyramid and CARDBAL2 multi-wavelet for Secret Communication PDF
Shuai REN, Jing-xiang LEI, Tao ZHANG, De-jun MU 243-251
An Secret Communication-Oriented High Performance Information Hiding Scheme Based on CARDBAL2 and Pixel Field Structure PDF
MA Rong-Gui, WU Zhan-Wen 252-259
Formations of Singularities for Quasi Linear Hyperbolic Systems PDF
Fagui Liu 260-270
Study on the Calculation of Kill Probability of Multiple Shots PDF
Z.Q. Zhao, Y.P. Wang 271-279
Linear Regression Dynamic Model for the Passive Extra Large Coal-fired Power Plants PDF
Yongguan Mai, Hongyu Ning, Susheng Wang 280-289
A new result concerning weak-convex-power condensing operators PDF
Wang Feng, Zhai Xueyan 290-295
Permanence and asymptotic properties of fuzzy stochastic delay Lotka-Volterra model PDF
Qimin Zhang, Shuo Ma, Hongfu Yang 296-311
The price discovery model based on waveform similarity of sequence with data statistics PDF
Xing Yu 312-319
Robust Exponential Stability Analysis for Stochastic Systems with Time-Delay PDF
Jian Wang 320-329

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