2013, Volume 49, Issue Number: 19

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Controlling Ultimate Ruin Probability by Quota-share Reinsurance Arrangements PDF
Juma Kasozi, Charles Wilson Mahera, Fred Mayambala 1-15
New distance measure of intuitionistic fuzzy sets PDF
Suwei Shi, Hanliang Huang, Menglei Lin 16-25
Convergence rate of local least square estimators in a class of varying coefficient models PDF
Liqian Zhou, Bo Yu, Shengyue Deng 26-33
Improved Autoregressive conditional heteroskedasticity model for Prediction of Housing Prices PDF
Qifeng Wei, Xin Gu 34-41
The Negative Spectrum of Schrodinger Operators with Spherical Fractal Potentials PDF
Bo Wu, Yin Li 42-47
Global attractor for a viscous generalized two-component Camassa-Holm equation PDF
Dajin Liu 48-61
Ordered algebraic connectivity of tangent bicycle graphs PDF
Yuehui Chen, Jiqing Wan 62-68
Structural and acoustic responses of a coupled cylindrical-conical shell submerged in a heavy fluid PDF
C. Zhang, M. Chen, X. Tao, N. Deng 69-81
The Comprehensive Evaluation Model of Water Resource Carrying Capacity For China PDF
Hua Xu, Minggang Wang 82-93
Chaotic dynamics and synchronization for fracitonl-order Chua’s system PDF
Xiuli Fu, Youming Yu, Fei Yang 94-101
Comprehensive Evaluation Model of Unascertained Three Value Expectation for International Investment Environment PDF
Jianli chen, Jun Lu 102-107
The a Posteriori Error Estimates of the Spectral Element Method for the Steklov Eigenvalue Problem PDF
Yanjun Li, Yidu Yang, Hai Bi 108-121
Bioinformatics Data Mining Using a Novel Boosting Algorithm PDF
Yan Wang, Ben Cang Liu 122-134
Synchronization for a class of multi-scroll chaotic systems via sliding mode control PDF
Dongling Cui, Xiulan Zhang, Xiaoxia Ma 135-142
Vector Autoregressive Model to analyze the Impact of Foreign Exchange Reserves on Price Level PDF
Li Zhou, Qing-yi Chen 143-151
On the Fermat prime and the mean value of L−functions PDF
Liu Baoli, Han Di 152-156
On the Security of a Certificate-Based Signcryption Scheme PDF
Yumin Yuan 157-164
Bayes Decision Method for Semantic Web Service Discovery PDF
Xingjiang Yang, Xiangbing Zhou, Hongjiang Ma 165-173
Statistical Model for Personal Characteristics of and Quality of Information Disclosure PDF
Yueming Zeng, Tengfei Lu, Wenli Tang 174-182
Fuzzy Neural Network Capacity Prediction Model and Medium Adjusting Efficacy of Experience Quality PDF
Jing Jiang 183-191
An Improved Skeleton Extraction Method of Retina Image based on Objective Refraction PDF
Jinghong Li, Hong Chen 192-200
A Combined Classification Model for Chinese Clinical Notes PDF
Jun Liang, XiaoWei Zheng, MeiFang Xu, XiaoJun He, YaWen Xing 201-209
Variable Speed Control Method of Freeway Mainline based on IGA-DRFNN PDF
Longfei Wang, Yang Li 210-219
Image Deblurring Without Boundary Condition from Accurate Degradation Model via Sparse Representation PDF
Xiaoxia Song, Yong Li, Defa Hu 220-228
Hybrid SVR-PSO for Identification of Nonlinear PDF
Xianfang Wang, Zhiyong Du, Yi-xian Shen 229-237
A novel grey theory based short-term wind power prediction PDF
Bin Zeng, Hongbing Xu, Jianxiao Zou, Kai Li, Xiaoshuai Xin 238-247
Generalized synchronization for multidirectional saturated multi-scroll chaotic systems PDF
Xiulan Zhang, Xin Ma, Dongling Cui 248-255
A New Fuzzy Linear Programming Model and Its Solving Method PDF
Xuelei Meng, Yong Qin 256-264
Sparse Least Squares Support Vector Clustering Algorithm for Anomaly Detection PDF
Hao Xiong, Sheng Sun 265-272
Unweighted Overall Fuzzy Evaluation of Mobile Node Trust Risk PDF
Jianjun Wang, Jianping Li 273-281
Flight Attitude Testing Based on the Neural Network PDF
Zhijian Liang, Tiehua Ma 282-288
Cooperation in Global Modular Production Network: an Analysis Based on Game Theory and Evolution Model PDF
Hongjian Cao, Yaqin Zhang, Hui Zhang, Zheng Zhang 289-298
Flatness Measurement of Truck Rack Girder Based on Machine Vision PDF
Hua Wang, Wei Zou, Shuang Zhang, Xianzan Yuan 299-307
Performance Analysis of Irregular Non-binary LDPC Coded Modulation over Atmospheric Turbulence Channel PDF
Dashe Li, Yuan Li, Zhiyong An, Shue Liu 308-314
Multi-particles Learning Intelligent Swarm Optimizer PDF
Peiwu Li, Jia Zhao 315-323
Vortex-induced Vibration Analysis of a Long-span Arch Bridge PDF
Chunping Tang, Liangliang Zhang 324-332
Welding Deformation Simulation and Controlling for the Truck Rack Girder Based on HyperMesh and ANSYS PDF
Shuang Zhang, Jingang Gao, Yuzhuo Men, Hua Wang, Ximin Liu, Dayu Yang 333-341
Improving Performance for Heterogeneous Traffic in IEEE802.11e EDCA PDF
Cao peng, Tu Jun, Tong Wang-yu, Du Zhi-po 342-350
Multichannel ARMA Signal Kalman Filter based on Covariance Intersection PDF
Yulian Jiang, Jian Xiao 351-358
Analysis of Data Collection Efficiency in Large-Scale Power Line Network PDF
Yuejun Liu, Jing Su 359-365
A Mathematical Model of Authentication under Normal State EEG PDF
Changqing Zeng, Zhendong Mu 366-374
Estimating Knowledge Spillover Effect Based on Cusp Catastrophe Model PDF
Guibin Yang, Shulin Tang, Jingting Yuan 375-385
Duplicated Region Detection Using Robust Features PDF
Jiang Wen 386-394
Numerical Simulation of Solar Greenhouse Control System Based on Fuzzy Algorithm PDF
Chunling Chen, Shuang Bai, Tianlai Li 395-403
Dynamic Origin Destination Estimation of Urban Expressway under Speed Guidance PDF
Dashan Chen, Xu Sun 404-409
Vulnerability Analysis on Subway Network: A Case Study PDF
Yongliang Deng, Qiming Li, Ying Lu, Liangliang Song 410-418
Analysis on Value Effects of Funds Management Based on GRE Model PDF
Li Wang, Guiwen Liu 419-427
Evolutionary Game Model for Controlling the Unsafe Behaviors of Employees Based on System Dynamics PDF
Pengwei Yuan, Shouxin Song, XiaoQing Dong, Xianzhong Pan 428-437
An Evaluation Algorithm of Edge Circle Rule for Impact Craters of the Moon PDF
Lei Huang, Mengxue Wang, Zhonglin Tang 438-446
A Combination Prediction Model of SSE Composite Index and Profit Simulation based on Agent PDF
Qian Liu, Yongli Li 447-456
Face Detection under Complex Background PDF
Min Li, Bo Wang 457-462
A Weibull-Exponential Distribution Hypothesis and Derivative Fitting Method: A Case Study on Accelerated Life Data Statistics PDF
Wang Li, Wan Bo 463-471
Influence Running Shoes on Performance of Sprinters Based on Grey Relational Analysis PDF
Mingchang Liu, Qiuyan Li 472-479
Compressor Status Recognition of Multi-class Support Vector Machine Based on Wireless Sensor Networks PDF
Li Shi-wei 480-489
New bounds for Ostrowski type inequality involving integral means over end intervals and applications PDF
Meifen Fu, Hongchen Qin 490-498
A Dynamic Model for Evaluating the Impact of FDI on Macro Economy based on Panel Data Method PDF
Li Zhou, Qing-yi Chen 499-506
Optimization Strategy of Network Connection based on Wireless Communication Technology PDF
Lu Yuting 507-520
A Game Theory Approach in Differentiation Competition of Market PDF
ZHANG Tao, Gu Tianzhou 521-531
The stability analysis of bank strategic alliances system based on Lotka-Volterra evolution model PDF
Ren Zhengliang, Xu Hongnian, Xu Fei, Feng Xia 532-538
Time Series Model for Foreign Direct Investment Spillover PDF
Li Zhou, Qing-yi Chen 539-547

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