2013, Volume 47, Issue Number: 17

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Generalized inequalities of Simpson-like type for functions whose derivatives in absolute value are (alpha; m)-convex PDF
Jaekeun Park 1-9
Determining the Number of Clusters by a Bayesian Approach PDF
Degang Zhu 10-14
Pricing of European options using a cubic spline collocation method PDF
A. Serghini, A. El hajaji, E.B. Mermri, K. Hilal 15-28
A smoothing algorithm to identify sharp discontinuities and peaks for a backward heat conduction problem PDF
Yixin Dou, Hengshan Hu, Bo Han 29-38
New Look for DHF Relative Risk Analysis Using Bayesian Poisson-Lognormal 2-Level Spatio-Temporal PDF
Mukhsar , N. Iriawan, B. S. S. Ulama, Sutikno 39-47
On Image Reconstruction Algorithms with Discrete Radon Transform PDF
Tanuja Srivastava, Nirmal Yadav 48-60
Existence and stability of anti-periodic solutions for an impulsive neural networks on time scales PDF
Meng Hu 61-69
Smoothing of GRF Data Using Functional Data Analysis Technique PDF
W. R. Wan Din, A. S. Rambely, A. A. Jemain 70-77
Almost periodic solution of recurrent neural networks with backward shift operators on time scales PDF
Lili Wang, Meng Hu 78-86
Mathematical Simulation Model for Movement Trajectory of Backward Sliding Shot Put PDF
YuHua Wu 87-94
Chebyshev wavelets method for solving Troesch’s problem PDF
Changqing Yang, Jianhua Hou, Yan Xiong 95-103
Coordination and First-mover Advantage of Three-echelon Supply Chain PDF
Yumei Hou, Fangfang Wei, Xin Tian, Lijun Ma 104-121
Generalized Method of Moments (GMM) Model for Financing Decision and Capital Structure on Manufacturing Enterprises’ Export Capacity PDF
Guohua He, Deng Shang, Minwen Ye 122-130
Numerical Modeling for chaotic characteristics of oil pipeline pressure time series PDF
Jianjun Xu, Shengnan Liu, Bin Xu, Xu Xu 131-139
Simulation and Video Analysis for Human Motion of Wushu Routine Teaching PDF
Hai Yu, Yongbing Chen 140-147
TOPSIS Model and Grey Relational Analysis for the Football Evaluation PDF
Dongjiao Huang 148-155
Data analysis approaches of incomplete fuzzy soft sets PDF
Sisi Xia, Zhi Xiao, Xin Dang 156-168
Dynamically Predicting Reperforation Opportunity for Polymer Flooding PDF
YIN Daiyin, DUAN Yingjiao 169-177
Statistics Analysis of Calibration Precision for Freehand Ultrasound Image PDF
Yao Rao, Chen Minye, Xu Hairong, Cao Damin, Yao Peng 178-187
Mathematical Pricing Model with Dilution Effect and Firm-value Process Volatility for Bond with Attached Warrant PDF
Jie Miao 188-196
Numerical Simulation for Projectile Damped Motion in Basketball Movement Trajectory PDF
Shiliang You 197-203
A Mathematical Model for Equity Financing Substitution Effects of Bio-pharmaceutical Listed Companies PDF
Wu Xiaogang, Wang Pengyuan, Du Rongwei 204-212
A Node Importance Evaluation Method for Complex Networks Based on M-order Neighbour Importance Contribution PDF
Zhang Xiping, Li Yongshu, Liu Gang, Wang Lei 213-221
Process Optimization of the Cold-Rolled Ribbed Steel Using GA and RBF Neural Network PDF
Bangsheng Xing, Changlong Du 222-229
Analysis of Carbon Emission Based on Stochastic IPAT Model PDF
Gang Du 230-238
Point Selection Model for a Railway Strategic Loading PDF
Xiaoping Guang, Liang Wu, Deyang Kong 239-246
Application of Coordination Control Optimization Method of Urban Main Road PDF
Yihai Tian, , Qiong Wang, Lihong Yao, Xiaoping Guang 247-254
Numerical Simulation of H1N1 Virus Propagation Model Based on Small-world Network PDF
Hong Wang, Ming Yang, Zhidan Lv, Zhaoguo Huang, Liang Wu, Junwei Zeng 255-261
Transient Fault Location for 10kv Distribution System Using Line Voltage and Zero-module Current PDF
Qiao Zhanjun, Li Fuling, Li Yong 262-270
Finite Difference Analysis on the Generation of Heat by Spin Friction of the Projectile-Loaded Equipments PDF
Shengliang Hu, Chao Mao 271-277
Application of Data Mining Technology in Analysis of Hierarchical Nursing Effects PDF
Binbin Ji, Yujia Ren, Siyuan Tang 278-285
A Robust Edge Detection Algorithm Based on CR-DSmT PDF
Kuixian Qiao 286-293
Chaotic Detection for Doppler Signal of Radio Fuze in Strong Noise PDF
Xiaopeng Yan, Yongni Mou, Ping Li, Ruili Jia 294-301
Concept Association Mining Based on Clustering and Association Rules PDF
Cuncun Wei 302-310
Land Cover Classification of High Resolution Images Using Superpixel-based Conditional Random Fields PDF
Yun Yang 311-319
Dynamic Mechanism Analysis of Sustained Innovation in SMEs of Science and Technology PDF
Wencai Cao, Miyuan Shan 320-329
Numerical Simulation of Combustion and Emission in Medium-Duty Diesel Engine Fuelled with Biodiesel Blended Fisher-Tropsh Diesel PDF
Zhifei Wu, Tie Wang, Ruiliang Zhang, Jianjun Zhu, Yonghui Deng 330-336
Multi-circle Detection Algorithm Based on Symmetry Property PDF
Lianyuan Jiang, Peihe Tang, Yingjun Zhu, Jianbing Jiang, Yalan Zhang 337-345
Fast Texture Image Segmentation Algorithm Based on Dual-tree Complex Wavelet Transform PDF
Yanli Hou 346-353
Virtual Fatigue and Durability Integrated Simulation Analysis of Rear Axle Housing Based on Mode Superposition Method PDF
Yiting Kang, Wenming Zhang, Yu Zhou 354-362
Bionic Flapping-Wing Mechanism Modelling and Simulation of Flapping Wingtip Trajectory PDF
Zhaoxia He, Lan Liu, Xijin Zhang 363-371
An Algorithm for Parsing the Simple Semantic Units Based on Semantic Relevancies PDF
Yuntong Liu, Jing Xiong 372-379
An Incremental Density Clustering Algorithm for Chaotic Time Series PDF
Hui Li, Dechang Pi, Min Jiang 380-389
Short-term Power Load Forecasting Using Support Vector Machine based on Differential Evolution PDF
Weiguo Zhao, Jianmin Hou, Gangzhu Pan, Yanning Kang 390-398
Cost Analysis and Earning Allocation for Jointly Managed Inventory Based on One Supplier and Many Producers PDF
Xiaojuan Sheng, Xinzhong Bao, Zhe Wang 399-407
A Smoothing Algorithm with Momentum for Training Max-Min Fuzzy Neural Networks PDF
Long Li, Rui Xiao, Guohui Zhang 408-415
Dynamical Behaviors of a Discrete SIR Epidemic Model with Nonmonotone Incidence Rate PDF
Trija Fayeldi, Agus Suryanto, Agus Widodo 416-423
Approximate methods for a family of fractional differential equations PDF
Jianhua Hou, Yan Xiong 424-430
Improved Faulty Line Detection Method for Small Current Grounding System PDF
Bo Li 431-439
Minimizing of Shortfall Risk in a Jump-Diffusion Model with Continuous Dividends PDF
Yunfeng Yang, Hao Jin 440-448
Risk Analysis and Accident Risk Assessment for the Aviation Sector PDF
I. Üçkardeş, D. Ünal, N. Çaliş, Z. F. Antmen 449-461
New Bounds of Mutual Incoherence Property on Sparse Signals Recovery PDF
Shiqing Wang, Limin Su 462-477
The Optimal Combination Model Building and Application of Linear Regression Based On Prediction of Sports Scores PDF
Wei Ye 478-485

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