2013, Volume 44, Issue Number: 14

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Estimation Of Body Weight Of Holstein-Friesian Cattle With Multiple Regression Analysis PDF
J. Mekparyup, K. Saithanu, N. Arunkeeree 1-7
Boundary Integral Equations with the Generalized Neumann kernel for Robin problem in Simply Connected Region PDF
Amir S.A. Hamzah, Ali H.M. Murid, Mohamed M.S. Nasser 8-20
Fitting Analysis of Catenary Arch Axis Equation in Changing Section PDF
Wu Yang, Shunsuke Yao, Xiaoyu Liu 21-27
Fuzzy Clustering for Missing Data Based on Particle Swarm Optimization and Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm PDF
C. Y. Liu 28-36
Fuzzy Data Envelopment Analysis and Neural Network Evaluation Mathematical Applications Model Which Based On Martial Arts Competition PDF
Zuojun Tan 37-44
Gradual Covering Problems and Approach based on service quality with stochastic demand PDF
Zongxiang Zhang, Chao Yang, Hui Liu 45-53
Improved Application of K-N Smooth Linear Interpolation Method in Measurement of English Readability Based on Statistical Language Model PDF
Jie Wu 54-63
An Alternative Technique for Computing the Commutativity Degree of Dihedral Groups PDF
S. M. S. Omer, N. H. Sarmin, A. Erfanian, K. Moradipour 64-71
Application of Vector Auto Regression Model for Evaluate China’s low-carbon Economic Growth PDF
Qing-yi Chen 72-79
Information Entropy and the Correlation Model for the Relationship between Regional Logistics and the Development of the Sports Industry Chain PDF
Shuhe Shao 80-87
Joint investment Decision on Knowledge Cooperation Innovation for Construction Supply Chain PDF
Guang-dong Wu 88-95
Monte Carlo method for High-tech Enterprise IPO Market Timing: Empirical Study Based on American Real Option Approach PDF
Liu Yang, Hu Zhiqiang 96-103
Multi-view Segmentation Based on Human Pose Estimation in Images PDF
Meng Liu, Jia Qingxuan 104-111
Nonlinear analysis of Lateral Bearing Capacity of Super-long Pile by Considering the P-ΔEffect PDF
Huacong Zhou, Wenjuan Yao 112-119
Non-smooth Multiple Objective Mixed Duality PDF
Linli Dang 120-127
Frailty Additive and Multiplicative Gamma Polygonal in Survival Data Analysis PDF
N. M. Ismail, Z. M. Khalid, N. Ahmad 128-139
Game theory model for the effects of government subsidies on pricing decisions of the closed-loop channel PDF
Huaige Zhang, Liping Yao, Xianpei Hong 140-151
Quality Perception of College Campus Green Land Based on Importance-Performance Analysis PDF
Lifang Qiao, Shaowei Zhang 152-159
Regression Analysis Model on Causal Relation between Macro Economy and Classification Index PDF
Li Hua, Wen Zhu 160-167
Strong law of large numbers for finite Nonhomogeneous Markov chains PDF
Hua Xu, Minggang Wang 168-176
Strength Evaluation Model of CBA League 2012-2013 Season Former NBA Players Based On TOPSIS Method PDF
Lei Gu 177-184
Statistical Analysis Based On Gray System Theory Basketball Team Scores Its Technical Indicators Associated PDF
Yong Fan 185-192
On The Multivariate Time Series Rainfall Modeling Using Time Delay Neural Network PDF
K. Fithriasari, N. Iriawan, B.S.S. Ulama, Sutikno , 193-201
Analysis of a Correlation Network in World Currency Exchange Market PDF
Mansooreh Kazemi Lari, Maman Abdurachman Djauhari 202-209
Software Test Data Generation Based on Improved Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm PDF
Dan Liu, Jianmin Wang 210-217
System-Individual Objectives Driven Evolutionary Model Based on Particle Swarm Optimization for Pedestrian-vehicle Mixed Evacuation PDF
Xinlu Zong, Shengwu Xiong, Hongwei Chen 218-225
Task Granularity Analysis for Task Decomposition in Collaborative Customized Product Development PDF
Beifang Bao, Yu Yang 226-233
The Characters Recognition Method of License Plate Based on LS-SVM PDF
Jinsong Zhang, Fengjuan Miao 234-244
The Establishment of Hierarchical Model for Basketball Defensive Quality PDF
Yi Liu 245-252
The Performance of Classification Using Empirical Bayes in Heavy-tailed Distribution PDF
N. Deetae, S. Sukparungsee, Y. Areepong, K. Jampachaisri 253-260
The n^th Degree of Abelianness of Some Nonabelian Metabelian Groups PDF
Z. Abd Halim, N.M. Mohd Ali 261-268
Entropy Weight Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation on Stock Value PDF
Wang Hongbo, Wen Zhu, Wang Binm 269-276
Detection of High-speed Network Flow Characteristics of the Multi-dimensional Entropy PDF
Jinzhuo Liu, Chen Chu 277-286
Crankshaft Machining of the Dynamic Simulation Analysis PDF
Li Dinghai, Tang wei, Zhang Keyue 287-294
Combination Grey Model of Sewage Quantity Forecasting PDF
Fang He, Tao Tao, Guosheng Lu 295-303
Co-integration Test and Error Correction Model for Analyzing the Effect of Urbanization on Employment Structure PDF
Lan Tan 304-311
Ant Colony Algorithm for Evaluation of University Training Base Teaching PDF
Yang Zhiwen, Hai Liu 312-320
An Optimization Model of Discrete Manufacturing Enterprise Production Scheduling PDF
Wang Cheng, Pang Chan-juan 321-328
An exponential function to calculate the average length of functionalized MWCNTs PDF
Yongzhi Xu, Lei Cui, Youzhi Wang 329-337
A Coarse-to-fine Method for High-Resolution Satellite Imagery Matching PDF
Zeguo Qiu 338-348
Application of Spread-Spectrum Watermark Technique in Anti-Plagiarism PDF
Fu Bing, Song Wenguang 349-356
Many-Objective Evolutionary Algorithms for the Characteristics of Text in the Email Text Categorization PDF
Juan Zou, Jinhua Zheng, Cheng Deng, Weiping Hu 357-364
A Generalization of Commutativity Degree of Finite Nilpotent Groups PDF
Fadila Normahia Abd Manaf, Nor Haniza Sarmin, Nor Muhainiah Mohd Ali, Ahmad Erfanian 365-371
Robust Stabilization of Delayed Nonholonomic Mobile Robots within Finite Settling Time PDF
Yanling Shang, Peng Liu, Fangzheng Gao 372-381
Some Convergence Theorems of Uncertain Sequence PDF
Yiping Fu, Zhigang Wang 382-390
Modeling of Regional Banking Activities Using Spline Multiresponse Semiparametric Regression PDF
Wahyu Wibowo, Sri Haryatmi, I Nyoman Budiantara 391-398
Positive periodic solutions for an impulsive functional differential equations with time delay on time scales PDF
Meng Hu, Pingli Xie 399-408
Adaptive Disturbance Attenuation of Nonholonomic Systems with Nonlinear Parameterization PDF
Nengwei Zhang, Yanling Shang, Fangzheng Gao 409-421
Dynamics Mathematical Model and Prediction of Long Jump Athletes in Olympics PDF
Bing Zhang 422-430
Model for Effect of Spatial Weighted Matrix on Spatial Autocorrelation PDF
Zhiliang Wang, Hong Yun Liang, Qilong Zhou 431-445
Improved differential transform method for solving Bratu’s problem PDF
Changqing Yang, Jianhua Hou 446-454
The Peakedness Order of Kotz-type Distributions PDF
Ying Ding 455-460
Bifurcation of exact traveling wave solutions for Gardner and Gardner-KP equations PDF
Ping Cai, Jia-Shi Tang, Zhen-Bo Li 461-468
Bio-mechanical Mathematical Model Analysis for Race Walking Technique PDF
Bing Zhang, Hui Yue 469-476

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