2012, Volume 26, Issue Number: 2

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Special Issue on Statistical Chaos and Complexity (Guest Editor-in-Chief: Ricardo López-Ruiz)

Table of Contents


Foreword: Special Issue on Statistical Chaos and Complexity PDF
Ricardo López-Ruiz 1-2

Part A: Special Issue-1

Part A: Chaos and Complexity: General Questions
Statistical-mechanical structure for renewal stochastic processes PDF
Jorge Velázquez, Alberto Robledo 3-15
The Criterion for Ordering and Self-Organization of an Open System. Entropy Oscillations in Linear and Nonlinear Processes PDF
Viktor I. Shapovalov 16-29
The quasi-deterministic limit of population dynamics PDF
Juan P. Aparicio, Mario A. Natiello, Hernán G. Solari 30-45
Fisher complexity in various chaotic regimes PDF
Gustavo L. Ferri, Angel Plastino, Flavia Pennini 46-57
Complexity, information transfer and collective behavior in chaotic dynamical networks PDF
M. Escalona-Morán, G. Paredes, M. G. Cosenza 58-66
Chaos and complexity in the classical-quantum transition PDF
A. M. Kowalski, M. T. Martín, A. Plastino, O. A. Rosso 67-80
Shape of Traveling Densities with Extremum Statistical Complexity PDF
Ricardo López-Ruiz, Jaime Sañudo 81-91

Part B: Special Issue-2

Part B: Chaos and Complexity: Applications
Chaotic sequences as pseudo-random sequences obtained from 2-dimensional maps PDF
Danièle Fournier-Prunaret, Abdel-Kaddous Taha 92-105
Mixing chaotic maps and electromagnetic interference reduction PDF
L. De Micco, R. A. Petrocelli, O. A. Rosso, A. Plastino, H. A. Larrondo 106-120
Border Collision Bifurcations in a simple oligopoly model with constraints PDF
Gian Italo Bischi, Fabio Lamantia, Iryna Sushko 121-135
Network topology and collapse of collective stable chaos PDF
J. González-Estévez, M. G. Cosenza 136-142
Stability of couples in a quantum dating market PDF
Constancio M. Arizmendi, Omar G. Zabaleta 143-149
Complexity of multidimensional hydrogenic systems PDF
Jesús S. Dehesa, Sheila López-Rosa, Pablo Sánchez-Moreno, Rafael J. Yañez 150-162
Statistical measure of complexity of hard-sphere gas: applications to nuclear matter PDF
Ch. C. Moustakidis, K. Ch. Chatzisavvas, N. S. Nikolaidis, C. P. Panos 163-179

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