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Factors Affecting Student Test Score using Logistic Regression

Hussein Eledum, Elsiddig Idriss Mohamed Idriss


The main objective of this paper is to identify the most factors that influencing the student test score using logistic regression. It is assumed that score of student is affected by some factors include (i) student enrolling in the course (gender, department, faculty), (ii) teacher offers the course (first language), in addition to the (iii) lecture time. Course of linear algebra Math 241 has been selected from the entire courses of department of Mathematics, faculty of Science, university of Tabuk, KSA (second semester 1436-1437H), as a sample of courses that have been offered by department of Mathematics to some other faculties. The score of student (dependent variable) inverted into dichotomous variable with two categories, pass or fail the exam. Due to the binary nature of this dependent variable, a logistic regression approach is suitable. Among five variables, two independent variables found most significantly associated to student test score; namely, student college and lecture time. This paper also gives a statistical interpretation of the models developed estimates in terms of odds ratio concept.

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