Author Instructions

Instructions for Author

The authors should submit an electronic copy of their unpublished and original paper (with Covering letter ) to the:

Dr. Kaushal K. Srivastava

International Journal of Statistics and Economics

Email: ee_bse[at]

It will be assume that authors will keep a copy of their paper. We strongly encourage electronic submission of manuscript by e-mail.


Format of Manuscripts:

Please send your paper as a single document including tables and figures. This means, it should be one Microsoft Word file ... AND NOT a zipped File containing different files for text, tables, figures, etc. The paper submission should confirm the following:

  • Covering letter : A cover letter must accompany the manuscript as a part of an e-mail message. A covering letter should identify the person (with address, telephone numbers and email address) responsible for correspondence concerning manuscripts.
  • Paper should contain the title, author(s) name, affiliation(s), mailing address, email
  • Abstract describing the context and scope of the paper
  • Keywords
  • Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) Classification Number
  • Mathematics Subject Classification
  • Main text
  • References
  • All pages should be without page number, header Text and footer text

There are no page charges to individuals or institutions for contributions.

Duration of review process:

Normally the submitted paper will be reviewed within 10 weeks. Some time reviewer comments/recommendations reached to us early and some time it may takes long.

The journal first priority of Format is LaTeX. However, author(s) are also welcome to submit their paper in Microsoft Word format. The journal Format available here for Download.



LaTeX Style Format available here

Microsoft Word Format

Sample of Covering letter

Copyright Form available here


A covering letter should identify the person (with address, telephone numbers and email address) responsible for correspondence concerning manuscripts.

In accordance with usual practice, papers previously published and are under consideration for publication elsewhere cannot be accepted, and authors must agree not to publish accepted papers elsewhere without the prior permission of Journal. If previously published tables, illustrations or more than 50 words of text are to be included, then the copyright holder's written permission must be obtained. Copies of any such permission letters should be enclosed with the paper. All manuscripts are subject to peer review. If revisions are required for acceptance of a manuscript, one copy of the revised manuscript should be submitted, together with the Revised Version on disk and good quality figures and illustrations.

The views and contents of the articles (papers) printed in the issue(s) herein do not reflect the official views of Journal" and Editors of the journal. The concern author(s) is answerable for the correctness and authenticity of article. As per journal policy, we provide the review comments to the author of accepted papers only.

Print copy of the journal will be dispatch to subscribers only. A copy of single issue of journal is available on a special discount to the authors only. Furthermore, you are welcome to support the journal by requesting that your library to subscribe the journal, or by taking out an individual subscription. For sustainability of journal, we do not send complimentary reprints or complimentary copies to authors. Rather, authors will be given an opportunity to purchase reprints voluntarily.

Preparation of the manuscript: Papers must be clearly written in English. The paper should be submitted by author(s) only. All sections of the manuscript should be typed on one side of the paper only. In addition to the full title of the paper, authors should supply a running title, of less than 40 characters, and up to five keywords.

Research papers should be accompanied by an abstract, which will appear in front of the main body of the text. It should be written in complete sentences and should summarize the aims, methods, results and conclusions in less than 250 words. The abstract should be comprehensible to readers before they read the paper, and abbreviations citations and mathematical equations/notations should be avoided.

Authors are responsible for the accuracy of references. Within the text, references should be cited by author's name(s) and year of publication (where there are more than two authors please use et al.). Published articles and those in press (state the journal which has accepted them and enclose a copy of the manuscript) may be included. Citations should be typed at the end of the manuscript in alphabetical order, with authors' surnames and initials inverted. References should include, in the following order: authors' names, year, paper title, journal title, volume number, issue number, inclusive page numbers and (for books only) name and address of publishers. References should therefore be listed as follows:


Natterer, F., 1986, The Mathematics of Computerized Tomography, John Wiley & Sons, New York.

Herman, G.T., 1972, Two Direct Methods for Reconstructing Pictures from their Projections: A Comparative Study,Computer Graphics and Image Processing, 1, 123-144.

Dasgupta. P., 2003, Population, Poverty, and the Natural Environment. in Mäler K.-G. and Vincent, J. (Eds.), Handbook of Environmental and Resource Economics, Amsterdam: North Holland.

Levin, S.A., Grenfell, B., Hastings, A., and Perelson. A.S. 1997, Mathematical and Computational Challenges in Population Biology and Ecosystem Science, Science, 275, 334-343.


Tables should be self-explanatory and should include a brief descriptive title. Illustrations should be clearly lettered and of the highest quality. Acknowledgements and Footnotes should be included at the end of the text. Any footnote should be identified by superscripted numbers.


Submission Preparation Checklist

As part of the submission process, authors are required to check off their submission's compliance with all of the following items, and submissions may be returned to authors that do not adhere to these guidelines.

  1. There are no page charges to individuals or institutions for contributions.

    The manuscript should be either as MS Word file or LaTeX file.


    LaTeX Style Format available here

    Microsoft Word Format

    Sample of Covering letter

    Copyright Form available here



  2. Authors should submit an electronic copy of their paper, preferably in PDF file, along with a Cover Letter Template to:

    Dr. Kaushal K. Srivastava

    International Journal of Statistics and Economics

    Email: ee_bse[at]



Copyright Notice


Copyright Form available here


Privacy Statement

The names and email addresses entered in this journal site will be used exclusively for the stated purposes of this journal and will not be made available for any other purpose or to any other party.


Disclaimer/Regarding indexing issue:

We have provided the online access of all issues and papers to the indexing agencies (as given on journal web site). It’s depend on indexing agencies when, how and what manner they can index or not. Hence, we like to inform that on the basis of earlier indexing, we can’t predict the today or future indexing policy of third party (i.e. indexing agencies) as they have right to discontinue any journal at any time without prior information to the journal. So, please neither sends any question nor expects any answer from us on the behalf of third party i.e. indexing agencies.Hence, we will not issue any certificate or letter for indexing issue. Our role is just to provide the online access to them. So we do properly this and one can visit indexing agencies website to get the authentic information.